Why is Facial Care so Important?

No doubt taking care of our face is one of the most important things we have to do, and is that even if we do not think or do not realize, even if at this time we feel very young and think that at no time we are going to look older than we are, or have any other problem related to our skin, precisely because now we see ourselves very well, the truth is that this is not so, I wish we did not have to worry about our skin, hopefully it will take care of itself, but no, it is completely in our hands to keep it healthy and stop mistreating it. In order to start taking care of our facial skin, it is necessary that we know the factors that most damage it: 

The cigarette: smoking, in addition to being bad for health, is also very bad for our skin. There is a lot of talk about how smoking causes damage to the lungs, heart and some other organs, however what is almost not talked about is the damage it can cause to the skin. Tobacco has unpleasant effects on the skin, as it causes marked wrinkles to appear due to the contraction that is made in the lips, also wrinkles appear in the eyes caused by squinting to avoid the smoke when smoking. On the other hand, it slims the face, but in a bad way, because it makes it look emaciated and with prominence of the bones, the skin begins to turn gray and small purple spots appear.

And it is common for people to think of friends or family who smoke and do not have this appearance, and is because the consequences of smoking are not immediate, but they become visible over time. 

Do not drink water: not drinking water is the worst decision you can make, for your general health and also for your skin, because it is well known that water is the main component of the body and is the one that helps us keep hydrated, a good hydration is reflected in the skin, because it makes it look cleaner, smoother and clearer, also includes other benefits, for example: it provides elasticity and protection, also makes it feel cooler and less inflamed. 

Do not wash the face well and do not apply products to moisturize it: it is very common that people think that the care should be the same as given to the rest of the body, however this is totally false, the skin of the face is much more delicate than the rest of the body and therefore requires special attention. It is very important that we consider obtaining products that help us to clean our face effectively, especially if we use makeup. It is also important that we use tonics and moisturizing lotions. A mistake that many people with oily skin usually make is to think that because they have oily skin do not need any other type of care on your face, this is completely false, on the contrary, if you do not apply an external moisture your skin will start to produce more oil because you will see the need to feel moisturized. 

It is important that we remember that each element of our face is of vital importance, for our skin it is necessary that we look for dermatologists to help us take care of it in the best way, for our teeth it is necessary that we look to Tijuana dentists, who can help us to have a better oral hygiene and for our eyes it is necessary that we visit an ophthalmologist to help us maintain our healthy sight.