What is the famous Greek profile?

Surely sometime in your life you have heard someone say “I want to have a Greek profile” or tell someone else that he has “a nice Greek profile” and we automatically assume that it is a compliment, but have you ever thought about what it means to have a Greek profile and where does this expression come from?

When we say that someone has a Greek profile it’s like saying that they have a perfect face profile

This profile has the following characteristics:

  • Vertical front
  • Straight, sharp nose
  • Chin just below the upper lip

The most important thing in this type of profile is the nose because it need to be in some way so we can say that we have a greek profile. For the Greeks beauty was something fundamental, any man with thick lips and chiseled cheeks was aware of two things: that his beauty was a blessing (nothing less than a gift from the gods) and that his perfect outer appearance guarded an inner perfection.

For the Greeks, a beautiful body was considered the evidence of a beautiful mind. They even had a word for this: kaloskagathos, which meant being nice to the eye and, therefore, being a good person, that important was the beauty for them. For them, if you are beautiful on the outside, you were also automatically on the inside.

In classical Greek sculptures, we can identify that the bridge of the nose continues directly with the forehead, with a slight change of slope. It is typical of classical Greek sculpture, but it is very rare in the faces of real people, that’s why when you tell a person who has a Greek profile, he feels very flattered.

These canons of beauty have been passed down from generation to generation, and although today it is very difficult to find a person with a Greek profile, the reality is that all people still want to have it, because the Greeks were considered extremely beautiful and we can be sure of it thanks to his sculptures that are preserved to this day.

This is why to say that someone has a Greek profile is to tell him he is a beautiful person.

However, something that happens commonly today is that the shape of the nose is not the most attractive, because it is usually bulky or very large and thanks to Greek beauty standards we can assume that we are not beautiful. This is something that can sadden many people, however today the advances in aesthetic plastic surgery have been very great and obtaining a Greek profile is possible despite not being born with it.

Rhinoplasty in Tijuana is a nose surgery that can make this possible because it is responsible for shaping and contouring the nose to the taste of the person so that you do not have to suffer more because you have an unattractive nose and can get a Greek profile.

It is true that the Greeks contributed much to humanity, and certainly will always be recognized and remembered as the main icon of beauty, to look like they are the perfect dream of each one of us.