Unique Hotels In Mexico

If we talk about eccentricity, we can find the most eccentric places in Mexico. From restaurants to hotels, in this part of the world, you can find the most beautiful places where you can live a new experience every day. And if your thing is to leave the concept of traditional travel, in this article, we will mention some hotels where you can live a different vacation to the fullest.

Azulik- Adults Eco-Resort & Maya Spa

Starting from one of the most beautiful spots in all of Mexico, we find the Azulik resort, which is located in the Mayan jungles of Tulum. This resort is not only a beautiful place but, being surrounded by nature, the hotel is part of this landscape. At the moment of seeing the resort, we will be able to realize the theme with which it is made, nature.

Within the facilities, it is possible to live an incomparable experience, where art and nature form a perfect combination that will provide the resort with an atmosphere of harmony. Azulik is characterized by the fact that the hotel is one with nature, where the trees grow freely, and the surrounding paths are full of color and tranquility.

The resort has 48 villas, which are designed to offer the guest space of tranquility and comfort. Some of the services provided are the spa, clothing stores, medical house, among other things. The rooms vary, so it is possible to stay in front of the sea or a suite.

Encuentro Guadalupe

This spectacular hotel is located in the vineyard area of Mexico, in the Valle de Guadalupe. Being in a wine-growing region, the complex is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery in all of Baja. The owners want to show the guests a little bit about what is made in Baja California, that’s why the food and art are so peculiar. During the weekend, it is possible to learn more about the products made in the area thanks to a small market, where people can consume something typical of the city.

Near the area, several restaurants are characterized by their delicious food. Even so, Encuentro Guadalupe has its restaurant and different services such as an outdoor pool, massage, laundry services, among others. Some of the rooms have a fireplace, so in cold seasons, the guest can be comfortable in his room.

Hotel Castillo de Santa Cecilia

If you want to live a unique experience, the Castle of Santa Cecilia is an excellent option. Located in the colonial city of Guanajuato is this beautiful hotel where, as its name says, it is possible to stay in a castle that dates from past eras. The medieval architecture is undoubtedly one of the reasons why it attracts the attention of people, as well as its proximity to the center of Guanajuato.

Within the facilities, it is possible to enjoy international and Mexican food, bars, shows, outdoor pool, playground, among many other things. The hotel is relatively inexpensive, and they offer different rooms which are adapted to the needs of the guests.

Tubohotel en Tepoztlan

This is another hotel in Mexico where you can have a unique experience since the format of the facilities is not conventional. The rooms are concrete tubes where the person will be able to have a space of tranquility and comfort. Since it handles economic prices, it is quite attractive for tourists.

In Mexico, it is possible to live unique experiences, like the places we just mentioned, but other cities offer unique adventures, like Puerto Peñasco condos. So don’t hesitate to visit Mexico.