Theme Parks & Attractions in San Diego

San Diego has many spaces that you can explore, but if you are accompanied by children or have an adventurous soul, you will find the best amusement parks for you and your whole family in this article. It is essential that before going to any of these, you visit the official site of each park so you can have a better idea about the restrictions and what you will find inside. Also, if you have rented a San Diego car service, look around the area for parking. Let’s start our tour!

Sea World

Sea World is one of the best parks you will find within San Diego. This park is ideal for animal lovers, inside you can see marine species and learn a little more about them, all while having fun. But one of the strengths of Sea World is that you can not only see the animals but also interact with some of them and enjoy the games that are within the facility. One of the most famous shows at Sea World is the killer whale show, so if you visit this place, don’t hesitate to ask about the times of this great show.

The park has different plans, so if you are going to be in the San Diego area frequently, we recommend you buy the annual pass.

Belmont Park

It is another of the most visited parks in San Diego, and one of its attractions is that it’s located next to the sea. Belmont Park is ideal for adults and children because it has different activities. Some of the games that are within the park are the already famous Giant Dipper, which is one of the reasons why tourists visit this park. When you purchase your ticket, you will have access to all the games inside the park, all while enjoying a beautiful view of Mission Beach.

Belmont Park offers the option of acquiring an annual pass, so if on your first visit you fell in love with the games, their proximity to the sea, the music, and the atmosphere, we recommend that you acquire this pass.

San Diego Zoo

Although it’s not an amusement park as such, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy what this park has to offer. Just like Sea World, the Zoo has different areas where children and adults can learn about the lives of different animals. It is an ideal space for children as they can learn while making an unforgettable journey. The San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the world, with over 3,000 specimens.

It has different points of attraction, such as a bus tour and the Skyfari, which is a cable car that runs through some of the zoo areas. From the heights you will be able to enjoy magnificent views, so don’t hesitate to get on this attraction.


If children accompany you, they should visit this Legoland California Park. As the name says, the whole theme is about legos, so if you are a lover of these pieces, you will enjoy this park a lot. Legoland is divided into different sections, so don’t forget to visit each one.