Take care of your hair from the hot summer

It is well known that a little sun can give our skin vitamin D and beautiful tan, the however excessive sun can be unfavorable, and the effects of summer on our hair are not few. To begin with, extreme heat, salt, and sun exposure cause the hair to dry out and become brittle, especially at the tips.

On the other hand, moisture can curl our hair, and frequent exposure to chlorine can remove hair oils leaving it dry or rough. When, besides, you carry wicks or dyes, the effect of summer is even more pronounced. Therefore, there are some recommendations we can follow to take care of our hair and more if you are near to an important event and want your hair to look as good as your homecoming dresses.

Until recently I was unaware of the existence of sunscreens for hair, but just as with the skin, we can protect our hair from the effect of the sun’s rays using a smprotector.

We can find them in gel, cream or spray format and they will help us to avoid the effects of the sun on the hair so that it does not become so brittle and stays healthy.

If we add heat to the ambient temperature by using dryers, irons or tongs, we can be promoting the harmful effects of summer. Therefore, it is recommended that at this time of year reduce the use of dryers or irons.

If we can not do without them, we should always use a good thermal protector to help us reduce the damage.

Chemical treatments such as smoothing, dyes or discolorations are very aggressive with our hair all year round, but if we do it in summer, the damage can be even more severe. Therefore, the most advisable thing is that during these months we stay away from the chemicals and let our hair rest as much as possible.

Some common ingredients in our shampoos, such as sulfates, help us clean impurities but also drag natural hair oils that maintain hydration.

Therefore, if we wash our hair very often, it is recommended that we use the shampoo only on the scalp and roots without lathering the rest of the hair. With water, the soap will slip through the hair dragging impurities, but drying it much less.

This trick can be very useful for ordinarily dry hair throughout the year and for all hair types, especially in the summer months.