Prevent Wrinkles

You should not be embarrassed by lines of expression and wrinkles, but if for some reason or other you want to get rid of them, you should know that you are not alone. Nowadays there are thousands of products that promise you wonderful results to avoid the signs of aging, but why not do something on your own that does not ruin your skin? perhaps the lines of expression is not the only thing that bothers you of aging and maybe you are also falling some teeth, in that case you have to go with your dentist and ask for dental implants in Tijuana Mexico with ProDent.

Sleep on your back

When you sleep in the lake, your neck and skin wrinkle horribly. And doing it every day not only makes the problem worse, it also causes long-term damage. I know it is not easy to change a habit so drastically, but little by little you will not feel the change.

Use sunblock when handling

If we talk about wrinkles, your worst enemy is the sun. But did you know that it is important to protect yourself with sunscreen even in the car? Car windows can block UV rays, but UVA rays can sneak out and cause some damage.

Use pillow case

The silk texture will reduce the stretch of the skin. It also helps keep it moist at night. It is also great for your hair, because it avoids frizz and is mistreated over the years.

Consider a facial

After sunscreen, the best thing you can do for your skin is apply a mask from time to time. First of all, exfoliate to remove dead cells, then moisturize. Remember, skin care must be carried out every day.

Pay attention to your facial expressions

No, this does not mean you should smile every day. Doing any facial expression consistently results in wrinkles and fine lines. And although I do not recommend not making any gesture at all, you should pay attention to how many ‘fuchi faces’ you make during the day.

Get down to sugar

Reducing the amount of sugar prevents fine lines. According to experts, sugar molecules adhere to skin proteins, causing a loss of elasticity. If you want a good weight and skin, you will have to avoid sweets and chocolate … at least in large quantities.