Non-surgical Jowl Reduction

Nowadays, there are many plastic surgery Tijuana techniques which are aimed at offering people a better appearance. Still, when no surgical intervention is desired, procedures called “non-invasive treatments” can be chosen. This type of method has the purpose of improving the person’s appearance with the use of equipment, which can generate positive effects, but with a slower procedure.

Currently, one of the treatments that are booming is those focused on the jowl area since many people want to remove the fat from the area, as well as excess skin. Although there are various methods to achieve the desired results, it recently has been implementing the use of what is known in the aesthetic and dermatological sector as coolsculpting.

What is coolsculpting?

It is a procedure that consists of reducing the amount of fat deposits found in different areas of the body. This is achieved by using a device that causes low temperatures to freeze the fat. This treatment is part of the non-invasive procedures as it does not require any incision or medication to be performed. Although it is usually used in areas such as the abdomen, arms, back, or thighs, today it is being used in the jowl area to remove localized fat.

What are the benefits that can be obtained with coolsculting treatments?

It’s safe.

This treatment is approved by the FDA, which allows people to be confident about the treatment. On the other hand, since it is not a procedure that requires surgery, there will be no need to be concerned about scarring or inadequate treatment.


As mentioned, it does not require injections or anesthesia, so the body will not suffer pain or discomfort from the procedure. So the person will be able to continue with their daily life in the usual way.

There are no sudden changes

This can be a benefit for those people who do not wish to see such evident and immediate changes; this is because the procedure with the use of coolsculpting is progressive.

Lasting results

Unlike a person undergoing a specific diet or exercise, the use of coolsculting completely removes fat deposits from specific areas. However, to make a definitive change, the person must lead a healthy life based on proper nutrition and constant exercise.

What kind of jowls can be treated with coolsculpting?

Excess fat- This type of double chin is usually the most common and can be detected when a person slightly lowers his or her face. People who are overweight and obese typically have a lot of fat accumulation, but with the help of coolsculpting it is possible to lower the amount of jowls.

Excess skin- People who often have this type of jowls are due to weight loss or age. Although this type of double chin can be treated with coolsculting, a different kind of treatment is always recommended to improve the result.

When can the results be seen?

The results are not usually seen from the first session; in fact, changes can be seen after eight weeks. After this time, it is necessary to analyze the area so that it can be determined if there is a need for more sessions of coolsculpting.