How To Choose The Right Dress According To The Event

Choosing the right dress can be one of the points in your favor in any type of event and although it is true that each of them has a particular protocol there are some bases that you can take into account for everyone.

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It is important that when choosing the right dress you take into account the time of the party, whether it is day or night if you have been sent a note about whether the dress is formal or informal, who is the host and the reason for the event and especially if it is outdoors or inside a venue.

Considering also the activities that you are going to develop in it, you can choose a suitable dress for the event in which you not only feel like a movie star, but also have great comfort that allows you to move freely and also avoid some embarrassing accidents.

Daytime Events

A wedding or major event taking place on the day supports a maxi short dress below the knee, you can use bright and cheerful colors, and even pastel shades. 

If the event is outdoors, you can include an elegant hat that will undoubtedly make you look very feminine.

Weddings or evening events

At night, long dresses with or without cleavage can be used with all shades. At a wedding you cannot use white as this is reserved for the bride.

In general, collected hair is used for this type of event and it will always be a good option with a long dress.

Communions and baptisms

In this type of events you should keep in mind that you not only go to a meeting, but it is also very possible that you must attend church, therefore, your dress cannot be too short, but neither long because in Generally these events do not take place at night.

The ideal would be a dress below the knee or pants combined with a feminine shirt, in pastel colors. 

Work events

In general in this type of event or they usually announce in advance what is the type of clothing you should wear, if they tell you that it is informal clothing you should ask what type of activities are going to take place, since in some events there are contests like careers and other types of integration activities that are very fun but that involve a wardrobe but that involve a wardrobe of sports shoes and comfortable clothes.

If the wardrobe is formal, it is your decision to choose the height of your dress, yes, we recommend that you not exceed four fingers above the knee, this way you can walk comfortably, looking sexy but elegant. 

Evening dresses can help you have a good amount of options for all your events so take advantage of them and look splendid at any event!