Changes During And After Pregnancy

Having a child is one of the most frequent desires a woman wishes to have, and although it is a process of emotional growth and ecstasy. The body undergoes different changes due to the formation of the baby.

The most notorious is the expansion of the abdominal area, the skin is stretched at its maximum so that the baby has enough space, the problem is that this organ can suffer fractures, better known as striae, which will gradually disappear.  Due to this expansion, the woman may suffer from excess skin after pregnancy, so they opt for mommy makeover tijuana.

Other changes that women can go through are:

Hair Loss- Most women tend to have reasonably significant hair loss after childbirth, which may cause some concern, but is very normal. This loss is very noticeable because strands of hair can fall out. This happens because, during childbirth estrogen levels rise, which causes the period of hair growth to be prolonged. As hormone levels decrease, all that hair that should have fallen out falls out because the body is regulated again. This causes massive hair loss.

Changes in the breasts- during the first months of pregnancy, the breasts increase their volume due to the production of milk, they can increase almost twice their normal size, so it will be quite reasonable that this area suffers from rupture of tissue (stretch marks); discomfort of the breasts due to the tension generated by growth, the areola and nipples also increase and change their pigmentation and has higher sensitivity. There may be milk secretions.

Back pain – all the weight carried by the woman is reflected in the back area of the body. Each time the baby grows, the pressure it generates makes the body move forward, then what happens is that to balance the excess load, the posture changes and because the back is not accustomed, muscles are hurt and can be tensioned.

Incontinence- Since the baby is in this area, it presses the bladder so that always the mother needs to go to the bathroom, causing incontinence.

Swollen legs and veins– The baby’s weight compresses the veins that pass through the pelvis so that the circulation of the legs becomes deficient; this causes the area to become inflamed and retain fluids.

Mood swings- Since there are many variations in hormones, women suffer sudden mood swings, so it is necessary for the person to have a lot of support.

Just as mentioned, one of the most frequent desires in women is to be pregnant because they want to experience what it is like to be a mother. It is essential that the woman is aware of all the changes involved in having a child and has the necessary care so that the skin doesn’t undergo transformations that later cost more time to fix them. If the woman has a lot of changes, there is the possibility that they can undergo an operation to help them regain the silhouette they had before pregnancy, or they can resort to exercise.