Benefits Of The Infrared Sauna

It is well known that the sauna has been used for a long time for aesthetic treatments for the elimination of toxins that can harm the health and physical appearance of people but, what is the difference between the traditional infrared sauna?

The traditional sauna heats the air so that later it is absorbed by the pores and begins the sweating. On the other hand, the infrared sauna San Diego, having an electromagnetic radiation technology, acts directly on the skin, this using the lamps located inside the cabin. Another difference to note is that the atmosphere inside the space does not feel as suffocated or difficult to breathe as in the traditional.


Detox– Many times, when the body has high levels of mercury, it is recommended the use of infrared saunas to lower the percentage of this element as it is quite toxic. People who regularly go to this treatment tend to release more toxins through sweat.

Recovery of the organism– The use of this technique has many benefits at the organism level. It improves blood flow and makes it easier to absorb dispensable nutrients to improve health. It allows for better oxygenation in the body and helps prepare the body for exercise, especially when a long period has passed without physical activity.

Release stress– The sauna increases the hormone responsible for combating anxiety and depression.

Increase in muscle mass– The use of this treatment allows the release of heat shock proteins. What these proteins do is that they prevent stress caused by muscle breakdown. Then, the sauna can be an ideal complement for physical activity.

Improves physical performance– It allows to accelerate the pumping of the heart so that the same physical work that you do is done with fewer heartbeats, which allows less energy waste.

Relieves arthritis pain- With increased oxygenation in the blood, there is an increase in hormones that ensure that there is no inflammation in various areas so that the movement will be less painful. The heat produced by the lamps in the cabin serves as an analgesic for muscles and tendons.

Healthier skin– Thanks to the heat, the pores of the skin dilate which allows the greater release of toxins that cause the clogging of the pores and therefore impurities in the skin.

Help to lose weight– The heat produced by these cabins allows the elimination and destruction of fat cells since that is where the highest percentage of toxins in the body are located. It is recommended as a plus for those people who are undergoing a diet for the elimination of fats.

These are some of the benefits we can obtain with the infrared sauna treatment, where we can see that it is an ideal complement for various processes and diseases, so it is advisable to locate a place where they make use of this infrared method. There are several cabins where not only provide this service but along with this experience you can relax a little more because they are adapted to release aromatherapy that will allow more relaxation constantly.