3 Solutions To Stop Snoring

We know that snoring can be very annoying not only for the same person but for their partner or what is nearby. This habit is not only something that can affect the self-esteem of the individual, but there can be problems related to health. Therefore, it is never too much to go to an expert to advise the person since snoring can be caused by breathing problems or a problem in the oral cavity, so it is also advisable to go to Tijuana dentist.

Home remedies can be implemented routinely to help solve the problem. This noise is caused when the air we inhale collides with some part of the structure of the pharynx, causing it to vibrate and then generate the sound.

Exercise your tongue!

An excellent technique to diminish the sound provoked by the snoring is exercising the tongue, for it, it is necessary to avoid that, at the moment of sleeping, this muscle of the buccal cavity is positioned in the external part, to achieve this we can:

  • Strength: The tongue should be kept as flat as possible for this exercise; resistance will be performed with the back of the muscle. This for 10 seconds with repetitions of 5 seconds.
  • Press: For this exercise, the person must keep the mouth open, then raise the tongue by pressing firmly on the palate, at the time of performing this pressure, should slide the tongue back. You can repeat this exercise for 20 seconds.
  • Tension in the lips: The lips will be tensioned so that they provoke force in this part, it is crucial that this is maintained for five seconds and then the zone will be relaxed.

These simple exercises will allow the muscle of the tongue to strengthen, preventing the throat from vibrating through the airway.

Eat light

Another method of avoiding annoying snoring has to do with the last food you eat. A heavy dinner causes the stomach to fill and press on the diaphragm. This generates a change in breathing that will be reflected in the sounds of snoring. On the other hand, it is recommended that you do not include dairy products in your dinner because this will cause an excess of mucus, which will affect the snoring.

Sing and sing

Although it may sound a little strange, it is recommended that before going to sleep, people sing this to favor the muscles of the throat. And it is that these movements that take place when carrying out this act allows to liberate the air accumulated in the zone. If singing is not the best activity for the person, you can choose to play wind instruments because not only the pharynx is exercised but all the muscles of the mouth.

Ask to be woken up

Although it may be obvious, not all people awaken those individuals who are snoring. Upon waking, it causes the brain to become active again, thus improving breathing by activating the pharyngeal muscles.

If the snoring is loud, it is recommended that you visit a doctor to determine if it is due to a more severe health factor. Similarly, there are already devices that can improve the breathing of those who suffer from this problem.