The Boom In Dental Treatment

In the last decade, it is more common to see people who wish to have some dental implants in Tijuana. This is as a consequence of the fact that the procedures have become more accessible. Previously, few individuals underwent any method to improve their teeth, due to several factors:

Costs: Decades ago, all dental procedures were extremely expensive because the dentist had to perform the entire treatment process. Utensils tended to be much more costly, and due to low demand, prices rose considerably.

Disinterest: People used to be more interested in perfecting other areas of their body, mainly the face, leaving aside the appearance of the denture. At the same time, there was not so much knowledge about the consequences of not having the right hygiene.

Fear: Because the instruments used by dentists were a little intimidating, people decided better to avoid visiting a dental office.

Today, all this has changed; the dental industry has modernized thanks to the use of technology that has allowed treatments to be much faster and less expensive. Compared to years ago, the price of a procedure is much lower because a device can replace certain maneuvers used by the dentist, and the boom they have had has led to lower costs.

Since first impressions always leave their mark on the minds of individuals, there are more people who care about giving the right image, which is why they no longer focus only on improving external aspects but also prefer to invest their money in improving their teeth. The fear that once caused the visit to a dentist has gone to second place, today parents try to encourage their children the importance of oral care and how necessary it is to go to a dentist, this has helped children lose the fear. As for adults, the use of technology already implemented by dentists has helped to lessen this fear reaction. Also, technology has allowed treatments to be less painful and healing faster.

Just as there has been a boom in demand for dental procedures, there have also been some trends that are developing within this industry. Just like dental veneers, dental implants, and all those that not only rely on cleaning the teeth or just improving the appearance of the teeth, but people are already worrying about really maintaining perfect health in their teeth.

It is for this reason that many dentists are encouraging people to bring a correct hygiene of their mouth, this with the aim not only to improve physical appearance but also to prevent patients from presenting significant problems that can cause them issues of exit. Preventive treatment is the key for people to undergo vital treatments because if the person has severe damage before treatment, the procedure cannot be performed.

Proper care of the teeth speaks well of the person, apart from significantly improving the physical appearance of the individual, so individuals need to strive to take a routine cleaning to help them care internally and externally dental pieces and all tissues that are in the mouth.

Tips For Light Travel

People who tend to travel a lot acquire specific techniques that make their trip more comfortable, but one of the methods or recommendations that make this type of people is to travel as light as possible. By doing this, agility within airports is faster, as you won’t need to check your luggage.

On the other hand, individuals who make use of this skill spend less on airline tickets. Although frequent travelers are considered to be the ones who develop these capabilities, it is always good to be able to share and help those who need it. So here are some tips you can implement on your next trip.

  • Try to make sure that all your luggage fits inside a suitcase, especially if you are only traveling for a couple of days. It is not necessary to carry such a large bag when you are away for two or three days; on the contrary, if you travel for a more extended period, you can opt for a suitcase with a higher capacity. The fact of carrying only one suitcase allows you to have more control of it, ensuring that it is not lost at the airport or in the transport you are going to use.

  • Try to pack on time. If you wait until the last minute, you won’t be able to think about what things you’ll need, and you’ll probably forget something. We recommend that before storing the clothes in the suitcase, put them on the bed; this will help you choose the best clothes and save space in the bag.

  • Think about the capacity of your suitcase. Sometimes we’d like to put our whole closet in the briefcase, but it’s not possible. Think and get an idea of how much clothing can fit in the suitcase.

  • Checklist. This will help you verify if you are carrying the things you really need, just as you will be able to realize if it is essential to carry certain products.

  • Minimize space. Clothing and certain items can take up a lot of space in the suitcase, so you can choose a few bags or containers to help you minimize space. In the market, different products can help you, such as vacuum bags, travel bags, travel containers, among others. To keep your clothes, you can choose to roll them up.

  • Necessary items. You must always take with you to your trip those products that are essential for your cleaning or to be able to work. If it’s for cleaning, remember that you can only carry 100ml on the plane, so opt for small containers where you can store the contents.

  • Heavy clothing. If, for any reason, you need to carry a heavy garment, we recommend that instead of storing it in the suitcase, you better put it on, so that they are not kilos lost in the luggage. Later you can take off that jacket so disturbing, but do not keep it in the suitcase.

  • Weigh it. This allows you to have a better idea about how many kilos you can put in the suitcase. Once the suitcase is packed, you can weigh it again to find out if it will be necessary to pay extra luggage, you only have to bear in mind that, if you go over the purchased kilos, you will have to pay a high fee for this.

Remember that before traveling, it is important to take into account your budget, food, and transportation costs, and finally, the place where you are going to stay, this so you can comfortably enjoy your vacation in Puerto Peñasco resorts.

Popular Types of Cosmetic Surgery Perfect for Men

More and more men are seeking cosmetic surgery Tijuana. In 2016 alone, men underwent more than 1 million nonsurgical and surgical procedures that account for more than 9% of the overall number.

Just like women, men also want to change those things that they wouldn’t want to see every time they look in the mirror. Cosmetic surgery has become in demand among men as a great way to change and help them maintain their image. 

Some of the top cosmetic surgical procedures among men include:

  • Liposuction
  • Male breast reduction 
  • Eyelid surgery 
  • Nose surgery 
  • Facelift 
  • Ear surgery 

Some other forms of cosmetic surgery Tijuana that are sought by many men include a neck lift, tummy tuck, brow lift, chin augmentation, and transfer of fat to the face.

Men and Their Desire to Improve Their Body 

Photorejuvenation has become highly in demand as a form of nonsurgical cosmetic procedure for males. While other types of manscaping procedures like Botox and laser hair removal maintained their reputation. Cosmetic surgery Tijuana gives almost instant results even though the downside here is the price and risks associated with elective surgery. 

Aside from that, there is the idea of falseness or plastic or something that is worked for and unreal. People also have unrealistic expectations when it comes to cosmetic surgery like it being the cure for all their problems. 

Costs of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men

The prices of cosmetic surgery procedures for men can differ according to the specific type of procedure you want to get. The premises being used, and the fees charged by surgical team members. It is always best to shop around first to find good deals. However, you have to take note that you need to find a qualified cosmetic surgeon that performs the procedure within good and high quality healthcare facilities. 

Potential Risks of Cosmetic Surgery 

Elective cosmetic surgery Tijuana, just like other forms of surgical procedure, has its own set of benefits and risks. Going under sedation and anesthesia can pose some risks such as heart attack, abnormal heart rhythm, nerve damage, brain damage, blood clots, blood loss, airway obstruction, and stroke. Infection, irregularities, numbness, asymmetry, puckers, scarring, fluid collection, and skin death after liposuction may also take place from the cosmetic surgery itself. There are also existing dangers with untrained and unlicensed doctors who offer surgery and anesthesia, poor industry regulation, and the possible use of unsanitary places during the procedures. 

Get the Best Cosmetic Surgery Tijuana for the Best Results

If you want to undergo cosmetic surgery Tijuana, make sure you do your homework first. Look for a surgeon who is properly trained, specialized, and qualified, and someone who operates a clinic or hospital. Other recommendations you can consider including the following:

  • Set realistic outcomes for the cosmetic surgery procedure. 
  • Ensure that you are aware of all involved risks. 
  • Stop drinking alcohol and smoking before your cosmetic surgery to maximize healing. 
  • Get as healthy and fit as possible. 

The Abdominal Contour In Men

The boom that cosmetic surgery has had in recent years has not only increased due to the female public, as is commonly thought but nowadays this type of procedure has been elevated thanks to the fact that men undergo cosmetic surgery.

Men are in a constant bombardment of advertising where it dictates the standards of beauty, due to this pressure, people continuously go to a surgeon to help them improve their physical appearance. It is essential to clarify that not all men who go to surgeries are due to satisfy their desires regarding appearances, but it can also be to reconstruct a part that has been damaged due to biological reasons.

One of the most frequent aesthetic treatments is the abdominal contour through liposuction in Tijuana. There really is no variety in the procedure done in women and men, speaking about the clothing, the only difference is that the remodeling will not take the same way since the body of a man has different proportions to those of the woman; therefore, various aspects are considered to obtain a better result.

There are many causes for which a person can undergo an abdominal contour procedure, mainly due to flaccid issues caused by aging or weight loss, muscle weaknesses or a scar that damages the appearance of the area.

It is essential to mention that many issues that have to do with the appearance of the skin are due to the lifestyle that the person leads, in terms of the type of food he implements, the physical activity he performs and also because of genetic issues. So consider that the person undergoes a diet where they can obtain the necessary nutrients to improve the appearance of the skin.

In itself, the objective of this procedure is to improve those alterations where there is unevenness of the abdominal wall, remove excess skin, and eliminate excess fat deposits.

To carry out this type of surgery, the doctor will carry out an exhaustive analysis of the body structure to evaluate the conditions of the patient. Checking if there is an excess of skin in different areas of the body and visualize in which parts are the highest concentration of fat. It is necessary for the surgeon to check the elasticity and resistance of the skin.

To improve the treatment, it recommended that the patient notify the doctor of the expectations they have regarding the procedure, as well as mentioning the areas they wish to correct. The patient has to take into account that surgical interventions may leave a scar.

Abdominal contour surgery is usually performed in patients who have lost a lot of weight since the skin tends to become flaccid, and the abdominal area loses its shape. Therefore, it is crucial to go to a surgeon who has a specialization in this type of surgery to avoid complications that can significantly harm the health and appearance of the person.

After the patient underwent surgery, it is essential that the person carries out the necessary care so that the healing is carried out correctly. Likewise, the individual must put particular emphasis on the type of food and exercise because if he does not perform proper training and doesn’t eat healthily, there may be damage to the surgery.

Why is Facial Care so Important?

No doubt taking care of our face is one of the most important things we have to do, and is that even if we do not think or do not realize, even if at this time we feel very young and think that at no time we are going to look older than we are, or have any other problem related to our skin, precisely because now we see ourselves very well, the truth is that this is not so, I wish we did not have to worry about our skin, hopefully it will take care of itself, but no, it is completely in our hands to keep it healthy and stop mistreating it. In order to start taking care of our facial skin, it is necessary that we know the factors that most damage it: 

The cigarette: smoking, in addition to being bad for health, is also very bad for our skin. There is a lot of talk about how smoking causes damage to the lungs, heart and some other organs, however what is almost not talked about is the damage it can cause to the skin. Tobacco has unpleasant effects on the skin, as it causes marked wrinkles to appear due to the contraction that is made in the lips, also wrinkles appear in the eyes caused by squinting to avoid the smoke when smoking. On the other hand, it slims the face, but in a bad way, because it makes it look emaciated and with prominence of the bones, the skin begins to turn gray and small purple spots appear.

And it is common for people to think of friends or family who smoke and do not have this appearance, and is because the consequences of smoking are not immediate, but they become visible over time. 

Do not drink water: not drinking water is the worst decision you can make, for your general health and also for your skin, because it is well known that water is the main component of the body and is the one that helps us keep hydrated, a good hydration is reflected in the skin, because it makes it look cleaner, smoother and clearer, also includes other benefits, for example: it provides elasticity and protection, also makes it feel cooler and less inflamed. 

Do not wash the face well and do not apply products to moisturize it: it is very common that people think that the care should be the same as given to the rest of the body, however this is totally false, the skin of the face is much more delicate than the rest of the body and therefore requires special attention. It is very important that we consider obtaining products that help us to clean our face effectively, especially if we use makeup. It is also important that we use tonics and moisturizing lotions. A mistake that many people with oily skin usually make is to think that because they have oily skin do not need any other type of care on your face, this is completely false, on the contrary, if you do not apply an external moisture your skin will start to produce more oil because you will see the need to feel moisturized. 

It is important that we remember that each element of our face is of vital importance, for our skin it is necessary that we look for dermatologists to help us take care of it in the best way, for our teeth it is necessary that we look to Tijuana dentists, who can help us to have a better oral hygiene and for our eyes it is necessary that we visit an ophthalmologist to help us maintain our healthy sight. 


Benefits Of The Infrared Sauna

It is well known that the sauna has been used for a long time for aesthetic treatments for the elimination of toxins that can harm the health and physical appearance of people but, what is the difference between the traditional infrared sauna?

The traditional sauna heats the air so that later it is absorbed by the pores and begins the sweating. On the other hand, the infrared sauna San Diego, having an electromagnetic radiation technology, acts directly on the skin, this using the lamps located inside the cabin. Another difference to note is that the atmosphere inside the space does not feel as suffocated or difficult to breathe as in the traditional.


Detox– Many times, when the body has high levels of mercury, it is recommended the use of infrared saunas to lower the percentage of this element as it is quite toxic. People who regularly go to this treatment tend to release more toxins through sweat.

Recovery of the organism– The use of this technique has many benefits at the organism level. It improves blood flow and makes it easier to absorb dispensable nutrients to improve health. It allows for better oxygenation in the body and helps prepare the body for exercise, especially when a long period has passed without physical activity.

Release stress– The sauna increases the hormone responsible for combating anxiety and depression.

Increase in muscle mass– The use of this treatment allows the release of heat shock proteins. What these proteins do is that they prevent stress caused by muscle breakdown. Then, the sauna can be an ideal complement for physical activity.

Improves physical performance– It allows to accelerate the pumping of the heart so that the same physical work that you do is done with fewer heartbeats, which allows less energy waste.

Relieves arthritis pain- With increased oxygenation in the blood, there is an increase in hormones that ensure that there is no inflammation in various areas so that the movement will be less painful. The heat produced by the lamps in the cabin serves as an analgesic for muscles and tendons.

Healthier skin– Thanks to the heat, the pores of the skin dilate which allows the greater release of toxins that cause the clogging of the pores and therefore impurities in the skin.

Help to lose weight– The heat produced by these cabins allows the elimination and destruction of fat cells since that is where the highest percentage of toxins in the body are located. It is recommended as a plus for those people who are undergoing a diet for the elimination of fats.

These are some of the benefits we can obtain with the infrared sauna treatment, where we can see that it is an ideal complement for various processes and diseases, so it is advisable to locate a place where they make use of this infrared method. There are several cabins where not only provide this service but along with this experience you can relax a little more because they are adapted to release aromatherapy that will allow more relaxation constantly.

Cómo lucir un maquillaje hermoso

Mucho se ha hablado acerca de que el maquillaje es el complemento ideal para lucir una piel hermosa y saludable, pero para que esto pueda pasar es necesario que antes se lleve un procedimiento adecuado. Esto se logra a través de un buen cuidado de piel, por eso a continuación te mencionaremos los pasos principales para lucir un maquillaje hermoso.

Limpieza facial

Definitivamente es uno de los pasos más importantes ya que con este método se eliminará toda partícula de suciedad y los posibles restos de maquillaje. Existen muchas presentaciones en el mercado (espuma, jabón líquido, en barra, polvos, entre otros). Realmente aquí no importa mucho la presentación, en lo que se deben de fijar las personas al momento de comprar un limpiador facial es que sea el adecuado para su piel. Si existe alguna duda acerca de qué tipo de piel se tiene, se puede acudir a un dermatólogo o a algún cosmiatra para que evalúe la piel.


Es uno de los productos a los que menos importancia le otorgamos porque la mayoría cree que es innecesario el uso de tónico. Este líquido nos ayuda a balancear el PH de la piel por lo que evita que haya cambios repentinos en la piel. La aplicación de esta sustancia adecua la apariencia de los poros y de la textura del cutis.

Serum facial

Este líquido está lleno de activos y de vitaminas que presentan un alto contenido de ingredientes que mejoran instantáneamente el aspecto de la piel. Este tipo de productos, sin importar cuales sean sus contenidos, deja una textura aterciopelada sin consistencia grasosa.


Todos hemos escuchado estas dos terminaciones “humectante” e “hidratante”. Así que aquí aclararemos las dos diferencias.

  • Humectante- Las cremas humectantes tienden a tener una consistencia más pesada por lo que son ideales para retener los productos antes mencionados; son perfectos para retener el agua del cutis.
  • Hidratante- La consistencia es mucho más ligera que las cremas humectantes y su fórmula está enriquecida en materiales hidratantes, como el ácido hialuronico.

Protector solar

Si se desea tener una piel hermosa y rejuvenecida, el uso de protector solar evitará que los rayos solares, que emiten radicales libres, pigmenten el cutis y salgan arrugas espontáneamente ya que los radicales envejecen la piel, al quitar los nutrientes. Por lo que, si se desea mantener una piel joven y tersa, sin manchas solares. El bloqueador solar es de suma importancia.

El buen cuidado facial hará que el maquillaje Tijuana luzca perfecto y sin ninguna imperfección, si antes de aplicar alguno de estos productos no se hidrata de la forma correcta, la piel absorberá todos los ingredientes con los que se elaboran las bases o los polvos. Esto provocará que poco a poco los poros se vayan obstruyendo, evitando que el cutis respire y que empiece el brote de espinillas. Por otro lado, es importante que el maquillaje se retire de la forma adecuada ya que, al no hacerlo, la suciedad de todos estos contaminantes más la polución del ambiente provocará la pérdida total de la luminosidad natural del cutis. Simplemente se aconseja que se invierta más en la compra de artículos del cuidado de la piel para que el maquillaje se vea perfecto.


Changes During And After Pregnancy

Having a child is one of the most frequent desires a woman wishes to have, and although it is a process of emotional growth and ecstasy. The body undergoes different changes due to the formation of the baby.

The most notorious is the expansion of the abdominal area, the skin is stretched at its maximum so that the baby has enough space, the problem is that this organ can suffer fractures, better known as striae, which will gradually disappear.  Due to this expansion, the woman may suffer from excess skin after pregnancy, so they opt for mommy makeover tijuana.

Other changes that women can go through are:

Hair Loss- Most women tend to have reasonably significant hair loss after childbirth, which may cause some concern, but is very normal. This loss is very noticeable because strands of hair can fall out. This happens because, during childbirth estrogen levels rise, which causes the period of hair growth to be prolonged. As hormone levels decrease, all that hair that should have fallen out falls out because the body is regulated again. This causes massive hair loss.

Changes in the breasts- during the first months of pregnancy, the breasts increase their volume due to the production of milk, they can increase almost twice their normal size, so it will be quite reasonable that this area suffers from rupture of tissue (stretch marks); discomfort of the breasts due to the tension generated by growth, the areola and nipples also increase and change their pigmentation and has higher sensitivity. There may be milk secretions.

Back pain – all the weight carried by the woman is reflected in the back area of the body. Each time the baby grows, the pressure it generates makes the body move forward, then what happens is that to balance the excess load, the posture changes and because the back is not accustomed, muscles are hurt and can be tensioned.

Incontinence- Since the baby is in this area, it presses the bladder so that always the mother needs to go to the bathroom, causing incontinence.

Swollen legs and veins– The baby’s weight compresses the veins that pass through the pelvis so that the circulation of the legs becomes deficient; this causes the area to become inflamed and retain fluids.

Mood swings- Since there are many variations in hormones, women suffer sudden mood swings, so it is necessary for the person to have a lot of support.

Just as mentioned, one of the most frequent desires in women is to be pregnant because they want to experience what it is like to be a mother. It is essential that the woman is aware of all the changes involved in having a child and has the necessary care so that the skin doesn’t undergo transformations that later cost more time to fix them. If the woman has a lot of changes, there is the possibility that they can undergo an operation to help them regain the silhouette they had before pregnancy, or they can resort to exercise.

Teeth Whitening

Many people regarding their dental health desire to have white teeth that look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is that thanks to the media this has led to imitate certain features that famous people wear, just as is the teeth whitening in Tijuana. This tooth whitening treatment is one of the most popular procedures in the dental industry, so it is essential that the dentists who perform this method know how to handle the whitening agents and follow the proper protocol so as not to damage the teeth.

Tooth whitening consists of improving dental aesthetics by whitening the teeth one or more shades, according to the specific needs and characteristics of each patient.

The work that the dentist does is to eliminate the superficial stains of the teeth caused by external factors such as smoking or consumption of certain drinks and foods; even poor dental hygiene causes the process of discoloration.

There are different techniques to achieve dental whitening, which are:

Professional whitening

The specialist uses bleaching agents based on hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide; these components are found in the gel applied to the teeth. What this type of gel does is to penetrate through oxygen into the enamel and then into the dentine to remove or decompose the lying compounds to lighten the teeth. In many cases, this type of gels can cause sensitivity, so it is advisable to use special pastes for sensitivity. After the application of this tool, the dentist will use a device to improve the results.

Currently, there is treatment through photoactivation; this procedure accelerates the whitening process so that in the duration of treatment, the teeth achieve a tooth whitening of four to ten shades, this through LED light. The plus of the photoactivation is that the whitening is done simultaneously in all the teeth and not one by one.

Home whitening under professional supervision

In this case, the dentist will give the patient transparent covers in which the patient will place the bleaching product so that later the person will put the transparent mold appropriate to his denture. It is crucial to make it clear that this whitening is carried out under supervision since not everyone can make use of this treatment, apart from the fact that it can produce dental sensitivity. Likewise, the dentist must provide the necessary amount of the product.

Home whitening

There are many home-made methods on the internet to achieve teeth whitening, where it is advisable first to analyze and if possible, consult a specialist on which solution can be used. The most popular home methods are the use of sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, brushing with coconut oil, cleaning with activated carbon, use of turmeric, among others.

These natural treatments do not have the same effect on the dentine as professional teeth whitening does but only act on the enamel of the tooth.

If you are looking for a fast and effective whitening you can opt for those performed by dentists, and if you need to keep your teeth white you can ask for some treatment to care for the color of your teeth, but always taking advice from professionals to avoid damage that could harm your oral health.

Brackets: The New Trend

Fashion is definitely one of the most changing industries in the world. People who wore braces were considered “nerds” or “freaks”, and if we go back 10 or 15 years, this treatment was not the most desired, especially because they were not aesthetically pleasing or attractive.  So if during your visit to the dentist he mentioned that it was necessary to use braces, it was necessary to think about it because you knew that it was a procedure that you were going to be with for a long time and that in many occasions it was going to cause you certain inconveniences, such as nicknames “tinned teeth” among others. But as we have already mentioned, fashion is changing and along with these changes arise new ways of thinking.

With the arrival of new technological advances, the area of dentistry has also revolutionized, giving way to invisible brackets or those that are placed on the inside of the teeth, so that they are not as visible as those traditional. But thanks to the trends that are imposed, dental braces ceased to be something ugly to become something attractive that does not generate embarrassment in the individual. But how is it that something that was not considered aesthetic becomes a fashion that many people today want?

Well, one of the most feasible responses to this fact is that people in recent years have become more concerned about their physical appearance, investing more money in this cause, because they know that a good appearance is your letter of introduction to society. Without a doubt, correcting our dental problems is one of the best options for those who want to have an impeccable appearance and for those who want to enjoy good health. In this days, visiting the dentist doesn’t cause as much conflict as before; previously, these visits could become stormy and painful for the individual who, on many occasions, chose not to attend; for something positive that is associated with the pleasure of having good health.

Another possibility for which braces have become a fashion is thanks to celebrities and this is because celebrities are a source of aspiration for the rest of society due to the beauty and money they represent. The impact that famous people have is really shocking, they can influence our lifestyle, our interests, our behavior, among other things. This is generated by the need to imitate, to want to look like our idols because many times we have the thought that if they can use them then the rest of society too. There are several artists who began to make use of this trend, either to improve their teeth or simply as an accessory for their mouth.

The popularity of today’s braces is such that there are even sites on the Internet where they sell fake braces or there are people who seek to go to certain dentists to place brackets. It is necessary to emphasize that if you are a person who doesn’t need this treatment dont go to fake dentists to get this procedure. Perform your treatment of brackets in Tijuana, where you can get advice on the entire procedure that takes place for the placement of braces.

Remember that you can use rubber bands of different colors to give your smile more attractive and fun to this type of technique or you can choose those that are not so visible.

The 2 Treatments That Cause The Most Radical Changes In The Body

For all women and even for some men it is important to make changes so often in order to feel better about themselves, younger, fresher and more renewed. Throughout life there are many changes that we make in our image to achieve all of the above, the most common changes are those simple that although they are visible are not so radical, these can range from changing the makeup (if it is not done regularly), make a haircut or dye your hair, these are quick changes that can be made whenever the person wants it.

In addition to these fairly common or normal changes there are other changes that are intended to radically change the appearance aspect of a person and this can help to completely change the appearance of a person and can also improve their self-esteem and safety. These treatments to which we refer are those that most people turn to when they want to make complete changes of image and then we will present 3 that are the most common and that more changes make.

Plastic Surgeries

One of the most common treatments that can achieve great changes in the personal image of a person is plastic surgery, any plastic surgery either facial or body can have great changes in the physical appearance of a person and this is not really surprising Well, as we know, plastic surgeries are responsible for completely changing certain areas of the body.

For example some of the most common plastic surgeries are:

Rhinoplasty: This is the surgery that is done to align and mold the nose.

Blepharoplasty: This surgery is recommended for all elderly people who begin to show certain signs of age on the face and who want to eliminate some wrinkles.

Liposuction: This type of surgery is in fact the most common because it helps people who are overweight and have and that it is impossible to improve their appearance by losing that extra fat in the body.

Buttock augmentation: An augmentation of the buttocks is one of the most common surgeries among women who want to have a more stylized body.

Dental Treatments

Dental treatments are good enough to change the image of people and it is well known that a beautiful smile completely changes the appearance of a person, in addition to all this, we can say that makes a person look younger. Some of the main dental treatments are dental veneers, all on 4 implants Tijuana, teeth whitening, among many others that are helpful for anyone who wants to get a beautiful smile. Many people hesitate to get dental treatments because they tend to think that these are very expensive, however there are places where you can get dental treatments at a very low cost and without having to go into debt.

These are only 2 of the treatments we can use to make a total change of look and not fall into the depression of feeling bad or unhappy with our appearance, because as mentioned from the beginning, for more things they say is impossible that we think of a way that does not affect our physical appearance.

Tratamientos que pueden ayudarme a sentirme más que bella

Como mujeres tenemos una misión interminable: la búsqueda de tratamientos que nos hagan sentir más bellas, siempre estamos en busca de cremas, masajes, capsulas o cualquier cosa nueva que salga a la venta que nos pueda ayudar a sentirnos mejor con nosotras mismas y esto se debe a que desde que estamos pequeñas se nos enseña a tenerle miedo a algo que es inevitable y por lo que tarde o temprano todos y todas tendremos que pasar, y aunque no está bien tenerle miedo a esto, pues como ya se dijo es algo totalmente natural en la vida de cualquier persona.

Cuando una mujer empieza a envejecer las arrugas comienzan a surgir en diferentes zonas del cuerpo, pero desafortunadamente la zona donde suelen aparecer son las zonas más visibles del cuerpo, como el rostro, el cuello, el pecho y las manos. Cuando esto pasa además de tener que soportar que las arrugas nos hagan tener una apariencia menos estética, estas provocan que la piel se empiece a tornar flacida y por ende pierda su firmeza, esto es un gran problema pues nos hace sentir mucho más grandes de lo que en realidad somos y con el miedo que de por si tenemos a envejecer, este problema no nos ayuda para nada.

Y en nuestra búsqueda de tratamientos que nos ayuden a sentir mejor hemos podido encontrar 3 que sin duda son los más efectivos y los que más nos ayudarán a vernos más jovenes y a recuperar esa confianza y seguridad que sentiamos en nuestros mejores años y que por causas naturales de la vida hemos perdido.

Tratamiento #1

El Botox es uno de los tratamientos más modernos en nuestra sociedad y por ende podemos asegurar que es uno de los más efectivos a la hora de ayudarnos a eliminar arrugas de ciertas zonas de nuestro cuerpo, sobre todo en el rostro, esta es una de las zonas donde es más común que se aplique este tratamiento. El Botox en Tijuana ha cobrado mucha fama, ya que es prácticamente indoloro, consiste en inyecciones de una tóxina botulínica que ayuda a que se contraigan los músculos y esto ayuda a que la piel se vea más firme y las arrugas desaparezcan o disminuyan notablemente.

Tratamiento #2

La cirugía plástica siempre va a ser uno de los tratamientos más efectivos, aunque muchas personas se puedan ver en el dilema de realizarse esta o no, porque además de que una cirugía si conlleva costos altos, se tienen que realizar incisiones para este tipo de tratamientos, lo cual lo hace en un tratamiento más complicado que por ejemplo el botox, pero a pesar de esto podemos decir que este es uno de los tratamientos más efectivos, así que si se cree necesario o el problema de las arrugas es muy grande, esta es la mejor opción. Una de las cirugías más famosas para rejuvenecer es la bleforeplastía.

Tratamiento #3

El último tratamiento que también es uno de los más nuevos y más efectivos es el láser IPL que son las siglas de luz pulsada intensada en inglés. Esta permite tratar problemas de la piel que nos hacen lucir más viejas como las manchas, las marcas del acné de nuestra juventud y además ayuda a aportarle luminosidad al rostro lo cual ayuda para que este se vea más joven. Esto lo realiza por medio de un haz de luz de gran potencia que mediante pulsaciones en la piel estimula la dermis para que pueda formar nueva elastina y cólageno.

How to Choose Hair Styling Tools for Sun Damaged Hair: Start with the Airless Revolving Styler

If your hair has experienced prolonged exposure to sunlight, the UVB and UVA rays can easily damage the cuticles–the outside cover of your hair strands. Overtime an irreversible chemical reaction occurs in which the hair is bleached and loses its color. The hair’s keratin (protein) is also damaged, and this makes hair more brittle and vulnerable to further damage that can come from the everyday use of hair styling tools.

This article is intended to help women choose hair styling tools for sun damaged hair that both prevents further damage and also produces a salon look that will hold up and last all day long.

Hair Styling Tools that Prevent Damage

We all know that hair styling tools like flat irons and revolving stylers can cause damage to one’s hair. However, you can still get an amazing salon look without causing further harm to your sun damaged hair. The truth is that most conventional hair styling tools cause hair damage because they run extremely hot and produce uneven heat that scorches your locks. Common place hair styling tools also suck the moisture from one’s hair.  

In order to retain the moisture in your hair and allow serums to fully work to reverse sun damage, you need hair styling tools that evenly distribute heat, reduce the time it takes to style the hair, and have high-tech features that protect hair from damage.

The Airless Blowout Revolving Styler Offers an Amazing Look that’s Safe to Achieve

If you are looking for a rotating iron for sun damaged hair, the Airless Blowout Revolving Styler is for you. This tool offers the blowout style via a round brush and blow dryer that offers shiny, smooth hair and quick, easy use. It utilizes kinetic energy with a two-way rotation to create the blowout look, glam curls, beach waves and straight, silky hair with a one-inch heated revolving barrel. The barrel spins at more than 150 rotations per minute making it easy to glide through hair thus shortening the time it takes to style the hair. It also has tourmaline ceramic heated plates that help to prevent damage, while the all natural boar and ionic bristles reduce frizz and create an incredible shine.

The Airless revolving styler is an exceptional hair styling tool for sun damaged hair that gives users four heat settings to choose from with a maximum setting at 430 °F. It also has some great bonus features like an automatic shut off and removable heat guard to ensure you don’t burn your bathroom counter.

Read Hair Styling Tool Reviews

One sure way to choose an amazing hair styling tool for sun damaged hair is to read consumer reviews from regular people just like you. The Airless was nominated for Allure’s Reader’s Choice Awards in the hot tools category for its ability to work well for all hair types while offering a salon worthy frizz-free blowout style from the convenience of the user’s home.

Look for trusted reviews and high praise from respected publishers when searching for hair styling tools for your sun damages hair, and you will be able to make an educated buy you won’t regret!

What is the famous Greek profile?

Surely sometime in your life you have heard someone say “I want to have a Greek profile” or tell someone else that he has “a nice Greek profile” and we automatically assume that it is a compliment, but have you ever thought about what it means to have a Greek profile and where does this expression come from?

When we say that someone has a Greek profile it’s like saying that they have a perfect face profile

This profile has the following characteristics:

  • Vertical front
  • Straight, sharp nose
  • Chin just below the upper lip

The most important thing in this type of profile is the nose because it need to be in some way so we can say that we have a greek profile. For the Greeks beauty was something fundamental, any man with thick lips and chiseled cheeks was aware of two things: that his beauty was a blessing (nothing less than a gift from the gods) and that his perfect outer appearance guarded an inner perfection.

For the Greeks, a beautiful body was considered the evidence of a beautiful mind. They even had a word for this: kaloskagathos, which meant being nice to the eye and, therefore, being a good person, that important was the beauty for them. For them, if you are beautiful on the outside, you were also automatically on the inside.

In classical Greek sculptures, we can identify that the bridge of the nose continues directly with the forehead, with a slight change of slope. It is typical of classical Greek sculpture, but it is very rare in the faces of real people, that’s why when you tell a person who has a Greek profile, he feels very flattered.

These canons of beauty have been passed down from generation to generation, and although today it is very difficult to find a person with a Greek profile, the reality is that all people still want to have it, because the Greeks were considered extremely beautiful and we can be sure of it thanks to his sculptures that are preserved to this day.

This is why to say that someone has a Greek profile is to tell him he is a beautiful person.

However, something that happens commonly today is that the shape of the nose is not the most attractive, because it is usually bulky or very large and thanks to Greek beauty standards we can assume that we are not beautiful. This is something that can sadden many people, however today the advances in aesthetic plastic surgery have been very great and obtaining a Greek profile is possible despite not being born with it.

Rhinoplasty in Tijuana is a nose surgery that can make this possible because it is responsible for shaping and contouring the nose to the taste of the person so that you do not have to suffer more because you have an unattractive nose and can get a Greek profile.

It is true that the Greeks contributed much to humanity, and certainly will always be recognized and remembered as the main icon of beauty, to look like they are the perfect dream of each one of us.

Lugares que debes conocer si vienes de vacaciones a Tijuana

Tijuana en 2018 fue declarada como una de las ciudades favoritas para vacacionar en México de acuerdo con los World Travel Awards, un reconocimiento que se entrega anualmente respaldado por el Consejo Mundial de Viajes y Turismo.

Su reciente popularidad se debe a su renovada oferta cultural, gastronómica e industrial. De acuerdo con datos proporcionados por la revista Forbes en un artículo titulado Dinámica y politizada, así recibe Tijuana a los presidenciables, son alrededor de 180,000 personas las que cruzan la frontera diariamente. Es por ello que Tijuana es un enclave de diversidad e ideas nuevas en los ámbitos anteriormente mencionados. En esta ciudad es posible encontrar una de las mejores cervezas artesanales a nivel nacional, desde la más alta gastronomía, con su conocida propuesta BajaMed, hasta la popular street food y unos buenos tacos de asada, birria o adobada. Además de ser una ciudad donde la fiesta no termina, sobre todo en lugares como la Avenida Revolución y Plaza Fiesta, donde podrás encontrar antros, bares, festivales y conciertos.

Para que te des una idea más completa de lo que podrás vivir en Tijuana. En el presente artículo te damos un recorrido por los lugares que toda persona debe conocer al visitar esta ciudad fronteriza.


Caesar´s. Uno de los restaurantes más icónicos de la ciudad, lugar donde se inventó la famosa ensalada césar. Visitado por celebridades y viajeros de todo el mundo. En un ambiente cálido y familiar que te remonta a la Tijuana de 1920, tan solo a 30 años del nacimiento de la ciudad ya funcionaba este lugar.

El taller BajaMed. En este lugar podrás encontrar la famosa cocina BajaMed, cocina fusión de Tijuana y otros lugares de la Baja, donde se combinan sabores e ingredientes típicos de la cultura culinaria mexicana con la del mediterráneo. Un lugar para consentir al paladar con sabores nuevos en un entorno rústico y sofisticado.

Bol Corona. Uno de los restaurantes más famosos en Tijuana desde 1934, en Bol Corona podrás degustar burritos de gran tamaño, de todo tipo de guisados y antojitos mexicanos, parte de la misión de este lugar es ser la mejor opción en comida mexicana para sus clientes.

Verde y Crema. Verde y crema es un restaurante tijuanense inspirado en en el sabor de la cocina de los años 60´s y 70´s de esta ciudad, los colores y sonidos de su arte y cultura urbana. Si buscas calidad en platillos y en servicio seguro quedarás maravillado con este lugar.

Street Food

Bunker Food Crew. Ubicado en Zona Río Tijuana, el distrito financiero de la ciudad, podría ser una excelente opción para los trabajadores de esta zona. Puedes encontrar alrededor de 12 Food trucks que ofrecen platillos para todos los gustos y antojos, comida sana, antojitos, postres, cerveza artesanal y café. Además cuenta con mesas y sillas en un espacio al aire libre, ideal para disfrutar de una buena comida en verano. Si eres un visitante recurrente, tal vez te interese leer 7 razones para rentar un departamento en Zona Río Tijuana.

La Verbena Foodcourt Playas de Tijuana. Un espacio 100% familiar y pet friendly, donde podrás satisfacer todos tus antojos gastronómicos, dulces y salados. La Verbena Foodcourt cuenta con alrededor de 7 restaurantes para escoger entre diversos platillos como: pizza a la leña, hamburguesas, sushi, tacos de pescado, sándwiches, hot dogs, grandes malteadas, brownies y mucho más.  

Comarca Reserva Gastronómica. Se encuentra ubicado en la colonia Cacho, cuenta con 10 restaurantes que ofrecen desayunos, comida vegana, mexicana, mariscos, platillos internacionales, variedad de bebidas y postres. Todo en un ambiente tranquilo y una excelente calidad de servicio.

Colectivo 9. En un patio de la Avenida Revolución en la zona Centro de Tijuana, con una fuente rodeada de mesas y sillas en un entorno familiar se encuentra Colectivo 9. Un lugar donde podrás encontrar mariscos, tacos, hamburguesas, comida Italiana, oriental, empanadas saladas, cerveza artesanal y deliciosos postres como crepas, brownies, macarons y café.

Recintos Culturales

CECUT. El Centro Cultural Tijuana es uno de los íconos de la ciudad desde 1982. Un recinto conformado por: Domo IMAX, Museo de las Californias, Sala de Espectáculos, El Cubo (tres salas de estándares internacionales), Salas de Exposiciones Temporales, Cineteca, Acuario, Salones de Ensayo, entre otras. Un enclave lleno de arte y cultura en la ciudad.

ICBC. En el Instituto de Cultura de Baja California se realizan distintos talleres encaminados en impulsar el arte y la cultura, además de contar con un anfiteatro donde se realizan presentaciones abiertas al público de artísticas locales, nacionales e internacionales.

Vida nocturna

Plaza Fiesta. Este lugar se destaca por su diversidad de bares y discotecas con música y ambiente para todos los gustos, por su cerveza artesanal y comida. En plaza fiesta podrás iniciar la fiesta a partir del medio día y hasta que el cuerpo aguante.

Avenida Revolución. La avenida revolución es reconocida como una fiesta interminable, donde podrás encontrar transitando por esta larga acera a personas de todas las nacionalidades, disfrutando en las terrazas de bares y restaurantes a toda hora del día.

Otros atractivos

Cine tonalá. Si eres amante del séptimo arte, Cine Tonalá es un recinto enfocado en difundir el cine alternativo, cine de arte o cine de autor. En el siguiente enlace podrás encontrar la cartelera así como un itinerario de eventos: Además este lugar cuenta con restaurante de lujo en una terraza que ofrece una hermosa vista a la Avenida Revolución, una de las calles icónicas de Tijuana.

Estadio Caliente, Xolos de Tijuana. Ubicado en el exhipódromo de Agua Caliente, el Estadio Caliente es la casa del Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles, equipo mexicano de primera división. En este lugar podrás disfrutar de los mejores partidos de casa y la liguilla de futbol mexicano.  El estadio “rojinegro” cuenta con una capacidad de 30,333 espectadores, donde se vive la pasión por el balón pie al son de las porras, comida y cerveza.

Malecón de Playas de Tijuana. Sin duda uno de los atractivos de Tijuana es el Malecón de Playas, pasear por este lugar es un deleite para los sentidos, habla de arte y cultura en variadas expresiones, que van desde lo culinario, la pintura, la música y los visitantes de todo el mundo que llegan a formar de esta “la última esquina de Tijuana” un punto de encuentro rico en diversidad.

Gracias por leer nuestro artículo, esperamos que tu próxima visita a Tijuana sea una experiencia grata e inolvidable.

Latin Fashion In Growth

As bread with yeast the fashion in its online form an increase of 24% until the third quarter of 2017 and exceeds 1,200 million.
Garment sales through the internet stood at 1,215.7 million euros between January and September of last year, according to data obtained.

Most of the online purchases of clothing continue to be produced on Spanish platforms to other countries, as many countries regard fashion as a point of reference in Latin America to the point of want to learn spanish online. In the first nine months of 2017, these transactions reached 648.3 million euros, 28.7% more than in the same period of the previous year.

On the other hand, online purchases made within Spain grew by 21.7% between January and September of last year, up to 420.8 million euros, while those that were made from abroad with Spain were placed in 146.5 million euros in the same period, 12.1% more.

Online fashion accelerates its growth. The sales of clothing through the Internet rose by 24% in the first nine months of 2017, up to 1,215.7 million euros can be said that thanks to social networks and the progress of electronic commerce that has become easier and safe for young people and adults. The increase in turnover was much higher than in the same period of 2016, when the business of the sector grew by 10%.

In the third quarter of last year, Internet sales of clothing items rose by 29.2% compared to the same period last year, to 395.7 million euros, according to data released today by the National Commission of the Markets and Competition. The growth was much higher than that recorded in the second and first quarters of 2017.

Again, the fashion subsector whose sales rose at a higher rate was that of watchmaking, jewelry and silverware. Its online sales soared 56.1% between July and September 2017, to 11.4 million euros. In the accumulated of the first nine months, the increase was 48%, up to 31.8 million euros.

Online sales of footwear and leather goods, meanwhile, increased by 21% between January and September, to 226.5 million euros. In the third quarter, the sector accelerated its growth with an increase of 25.5% to 76.6 million euros. However, despite its high growth, the turnover volume of both jewelery and footwear on the Web remains at a great distance from the online business that garments move.

Overall, the electronic commerce of fashion, footwear and jewelry in Spain reached 1,474 million euros in the first nine months of 2017, 23.9% more than in the same period of 2016.

Change your life with a new smile

It is well known that an attractive smile can bring you a lot of benefits and surveys have proved it also. You are more likely to be accepted for an important job if you have a straight and shiny smile than if you have yellow and untidy teeth. Yellow teeth may also cause your employer to believe that you are an inveterate smoker, becoming another disadvantage in your way to success. This is the reason for the fact that, nowadays, more and more people see cosmetic dentistry as the solution to most of their problems.

From teeth whitening to different types of tooth veneers, the samaritan dental dentist holds the key to your smile. However, although people are aware of the fact that fixing their teeth can help their life, the fear with which people think of a dentist still exists. This is why many doctors have decided to change their clients’ perception of a dental checkup. They have started to offer free consultations, which is quite a good method to attract clients and convince them that going to the dentist isn’t that bad. Dental Day Spas have also started to spread. These Spas offer to patients different fun ways to relax before or even while the dentist takes care of their teeth and are equipped with the latest technologies. One example would be the procedure “zoom whitening” – the fastest type of teeth whitening that exists till now.

Cosmetic dentistry involves many procedures, but the most popular of all is teeth whitening. This is due to the increasing number of smokers and coffee lovers as well as to the fact that it is slightly less expensive and faster than other procedures. On the other hand, it can have its disadvantages also causing your teeth to become more sensitive and your gums mildly irritated. However, those who are willing to take a risk might be interested in the fact that overall there are 2 types of whitening options: at-home, with the help of dentifrices (whitening toothpastes) and over-the-counter whitening gels, strips and many more – a less riskier solution, and in-office which can be done only with the help of your best dentist in tijuana.

The latest teeth whitening option refers to laser bleaching. It lasts for an hour and consists in a laser light applied in a cycle to activate the bleaching solution that the dentist has previously applied on your teeth. As dentists say, with this type of cosmetic dentistry, your teeth can get up to ten shades whiter.

Many people don’t know if they should choose at-home techniques and do everything on their own or solve their problems with the help of cosmetic dentistry. This decision can be made only if you go for a checkup. Nothing should be done without an expert’s opinion. A dentist will help you find the cause of your problem, the exact shade of your teeth and the type of intervention that best suits you.

Cosmetic dentistry, however, doesn’t involve only the bleaching of teeth. Actually, whitening procedures represent only a small part of this amazing dentistry art. Maybe you have a missing tooth; implants are the solution. Maybe you have buck or crooked teeth; then braces can straighten them out. Cosmetic dentistry can be used not only to repair, but also to redesign. You can change your whole smile and implicitly your life and appearance just with a visit to your dentist.

For those who are afraid that teeth whitening could make their teeth more sensitive, there is another option: veneers. Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain that covers your teeth, so if you don’t like the color of your smile you can opt for this kind of treatment with confidence.

So stop wasting time! Stop making a habit from covering your smile with your hands whenever you speak or laugh! Why live with this complex when you can go for a teeth whitening procedure or to an orthodontic treatment and gain a bundle of confidence? Whatever is your problem, cosmetic dentistry has its solution.

Cómo tener estilo con la ropa que ya tienes


Si bien es fácil perderse en la última tendencia o en los bolsos de la temporada, el estilo realmente no es algo que se pueda comprar. Por supuesto, los editores y los expertos tienen su parte de equipo elegante, pero la razón por la que algunos se convierten en íconos e inspiraciones se debe a la forma en que combinan todo el aspecto. Al final del día, se trata de cómo lo diseñas, y el estilo, amigos, es gratis. A veces no podemos confiar en nuestras capacidades de moda, por eso tenemos que cifrar nuestra confianza en consultoria de imagen profesional para empresas.

Con eso en mente, nos hemos centrado en solo seis maneras rápidas de usar tu ropa: pequeñas formas de retocar tu chaqueta o puños que tienen un gran impacto en la apariencia de todo tu atuendo. Además, estos no son estacionales, son trucos eternos que funcionan una y otra vez.

Las mangas largas estaban destinadas a ser enrolladas, ¿verdad? Mientras que un botón hacia abajo puede sentirse rígido, enrollar las mangas le da una fácil indiferencia. Es la forma más fácil de inyectar un poco de factor cool incluso en sus camisas más clásicas.

Los dobladillos de nuestros vaqueros podrían cubrir la mejor parte de nuestros atuendos: ¡los zapatos, por supuesto! – Si no los enrollamos. En lugar de enrollarte bajo el dobladillo para hacer un discreto, “parece que no los esposé en absoluto” mira, haz lo que hacen los editores y los expertos y abraza el rollo. El resultado es genial y un poco deshecho, y perfecto para lucir tus tacones.

Hay más de una forma de esposarlos: de un solo rollo a un doble, encuentre su estilo y domine el aspecto que desea. Un brazalete sencillo funciona bien con un denim de pierna recta más rígido, mientras que un brazalete enrollado va bien con un jean de novio más holgado.

La forma más fácil de definir una cintura sin cinturón es anudar tu camisa justo en el medio. Presta un acabado más creativo que simplemente meterse en la camisa y agrega un toque juguetón.

También hace que sea más fácil convertir un vestido en una falda si agrega un botón hacia abajo o una camiseta en la mitad superior y lo ata a la cintura para crear la ilusión de una mitad inferior separada, como así.

Tuck It
Tenemos que agradecer a J. Crew por muchos de nuestros trucos de estilo favoritos, específicamente el medio pliegue. En lugar de meter toda la camisa, este look transmite un ambiente más informal y actual que convierte incluso un conjunto de jeans y camisetas en más de una declaración. Meta la mitad de la camisa o todo el frente y deje que la cola cuelgue sobre la cintura.

Olivia Palermo tiene este truco hacia abajo. Con un montón de cinturones delgados en su arsenal, transforma camisas, túnicas y abrigos de gran tamaño para adaptarse a su marco. Ella define su forma y resalta su parte media, además, el cinturón agrega brillo incluso a los conjuntos más informales. Puede demorar un minuto lanzarlo, pero cada vez parece un atuendo más completo.

¿Qué Hace a Una Cara Bonita?

Todos sabemos que no debemos juzgar a las personas por su apariencia. La belleza es solo superficial, como dice el dicho. Además, la apariencia de alguien no nos dice nada sobre lo amables que son. O cuan confiables. O cualquier otra cosa sobre su personalidad.

Pero es difícil ignorar la apariencia de una persona. Algo sobre las personas atractivas nos hace querer mirarlas. No podemos dejar de mirar a un actor, actriz o modelo atractivo. Como tal, la belleza tiene poder sobre nosotros. Pero ¿qué es la belleza?

No hay una respuesta simple. Sin embargo, los investigadores han comenzado a probar cómo la belleza afecta el comportamiento de los humanos y otros animales. A través de este trabajo, especialmente, han descubierto algunas de las características que hacen que un individuo sea atractivo para otros.

Los científicos también están aprendiendo que puede haber un lado práctico de nuestra obsesión con la belleza. Una cara bonita puede pertenecer a una persona más sana. O simplemente puede ser más fácil para nuestro cerebro procesar.

Todo sobre promedios
Al mirar un conjunto de fotos, es fácil decir qué caras nos parecen atractivas. Diferentes personas usualmente estarán de acuerdo en cuáles caras son. Pero pocos pueden decir precisamente por qué esas caras parecen tan hermosas.

Cara atractiva
Las caras atractivas, como esta, tienden a ser simétricas. También tienden a tener medidas similares a la media de la población. Una buena proporción en las áreas principales de la cara es uno de los factores más grandes de belleza, por ejemplo, una nariz desproporcionada puede arruinar todo un rostro bonito, si crees que es la mejor opción para ti puedes optar por una cirugía de nariz en Tijuana con Molding Clinic.

Sin embargo, los investigadores han comenzado a dar algunas respuestas. Como la simetría. Las caras que consideramos atractivas tienden a ser simétricas, encuentran. Las caras atractivas también son medias.

En una cara simétrica, los lados izquierdo y derecho se parecen entre sí. No son imágenes de espejo perfectas. Pero nuestros ojos leen caras con proporciones similares en ambos lados como simétricas.

Las caras de las personas generalmente solo difieren sutilmente en simetría. La cara de todos es ligeramente asimétrica, pero de diferentes maneras. Al final, muchas de estas caras parecen simétricas. Entonces la simetría nos parece normal. Y luego nos gusta.

Esta media, se refiere a qué tan similar se ve una cara a la mayoría de las otras caras en una población. Promedio,promedio de caras es un promedio matemático (o promedio) de las características de la mayoría de las personas. Y, en general, las personas encuentran esas caras bastante atractivas.

Por ejemplo, la distancia entre los centros de los ojos de una mujer afecta si se la considera hermosa. La gente la encuentra más atractiva cuando esa distancia es un poco menos de la mitad del ancho de la cara. Es Igual de importante, descubrieron, es la distancia entre los ojos y la boca de una mujer. Debería ser un poco más de un tercio de la altura de su cara. Ambas distancias coinciden con el promedio de la población, o están cerca de él.

Prevent Wrinkles

You should not be embarrassed by lines of expression and wrinkles, but if for some reason or other you want to get rid of them, you should know that you are not alone. Nowadays there are thousands of products that promise you wonderful results to avoid the signs of aging, but why not do something on your own that does not ruin your skin? perhaps the lines of expression is not the only thing that bothers you of aging and maybe you are also falling some teeth, in that case you have to go with your dentist and ask for dental implants in Tijuana Mexico with ProDent.

Sleep on your back

When you sleep in the lake, your neck and skin wrinkle horribly. And doing it every day not only makes the problem worse, it also causes long-term damage. I know it is not easy to change a habit so drastically, but little by little you will not feel the change.

Use sunblock when handling

If we talk about wrinkles, your worst enemy is the sun. But did you know that it is important to protect yourself with sunscreen even in the car? Car windows can block UV rays, but UVA rays can sneak out and cause some damage.

Use pillow case

The silk texture will reduce the stretch of the skin. It also helps keep it moist at night. It is also great for your hair, because it avoids frizz and is mistreated over the years.

Consider a facial

After sunscreen, the best thing you can do for your skin is apply a mask from time to time. First of all, exfoliate to remove dead cells, then moisturize. Remember, skin care must be carried out every day.

Pay attention to your facial expressions

No, this does not mean you should smile every day. Doing any facial expression consistently results in wrinkles and fine lines. And although I do not recommend not making any gesture at all, you should pay attention to how many ‘fuchi faces’ you make during the day.

Get down to sugar

Reducing the amount of sugar prevents fine lines. According to experts, sugar molecules adhere to skin proteins, causing a loss of elasticity. If you want a good weight and skin, you will have to avoid sweets and chocolate … at least in large quantities.

Empathy and its relationship with genetics

When a person is beginning to smile with his dental implants with Mexico Dental Network, you may think he is a very empathic person, but this quality involves more than smiling and showing you kindness, it is trying to understand the feelings of another person and put yourself in their place.

A recent genetic study carried out on empathy reveals that our understanding is partly genetic and confirms that women, on average, are more empathetic than men.

Empathy, essential for the relationship between human beings, does not come only from education and experience, but is linked to genetics, says a study, which also states that women are more empathetic than men.

The most extensive genetic study carried out on empathy reveals that our understanding is partly genetic and confirms that women, on average, are more empathetic than men, according to a statement from the National Center for Scientific Research in France.

This different level of empathy between the sexes is not related to genetics. According to the study, it is due to factors such as socialization or other non-genetic biological factors, such as prenatal hormonal influences. The researchers also noted that genetic variations associated with reduced empathy are also associated with an increased risk of autism, the statement said.

The data collected from more than 46,000 clients of the company 23andMe, who completed an online questionnaire and provided a saliva sample, served as the basis for the preparation of the study.

That is why the severe faces that dominate catwalks and campaigns are giving way, little by little, to more friendly gestures and even laughter.

Fashion is not something so serious. It is an industry, for some people it is a job; but still, it is destined to bring beauty and fun to the world. A message that, following the wake of the cosmetics firms that have always shown a kinder face, are increasingly following more fashion brands and prescribers.

The paradigm shift is taking place step by step and at the expense of drops. The primary campaigns of the firms are still resistant to embrace joy in all its manifestations. In the photos of their online stores, however, the sad faces that some years ago raised dust are interspersed with good rollers more typical of those who want their customers to be happy and happy.

How To Go On Vacation And Be Safe At The Same Time

Security Council for Travel # 1 – Separate your money
I have a specialized article on how to save money when I travel, and this is a travel safety tip that you should not forget: never put all your eggs in one basket.
If any eventuality happens, like a robbery, you can be sure that you have not lost anything and you can still continue traveling.
When I was living in Madrid my wallet was stolen and even though I had the full month’s rent, the most annoying thing was having to replace the cards or find a way to withdraw money, so if you follow my advice on how to save money you will not have problems. Invest your important vacation time abroad when you go with your dentist to get dental implants Tijuana.

Travel Safety Tip # 2 – Close your bag or backpack all the time.
When you are in a foreign country, everything around you is new and surprising and more than once you will want to take the camera out of your bag or backpack as fast as you can to take a picture but it is likely that at that moment you will forget to close the bag again.

Most of the lost things of the travelers is because they do not have the due care of closing their bags again and it does not mean that they have been stolen, simply walking is more than enough for any of your things to jump on the street without you noticing.

Create the habit of constantly checking that your bag and backpack are closed and you will see that you will not lose anything again. This behavior I have seen especially in Europe, so as a safety tip to travel to Europe: Close your backpack.

Security Council for Travel # 3 – Do not put your wallet back
Close the bag is important, but what about men? The recommendation is simple, load the wallet in the front pockets of the pants so you will know where you have it at all times.

Try to generate this habit since you are at home so it will be easier when you are traveling, with time you will realize that it is not only safer but also more practical.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

For anyone who has any missing teeth due to disease, injuries or any other reason, implants are your solution. As long as your present oral health is considered to be good. And if your gums are free of any periodontal disease, then you are a good candidate for this procedure. The results are quite good, and you will look and feel so much better with dental implants.

A dental implant, which is an artificial tooth root that holds a replacement tooth or bridge to your jaw. The Tijuana dental implants are a good idea to have if your general oral health is good. They have a natural feel and look so real no one will be able to tell that you are missing any teeth at all. This will bring back some lost confidence, and you will also be able to smile again.

Dental implants are done when you, the patient, visits a trained oral surgeon dentist. A screw is surgically implanted right to the bone of the jaw where the tooth will be held. Once the implantation is done and healed the oral surgeon or dentist will then begin to proceed by placing the implant restoration. Afterward, an impression of the restoration will be created and then sent to the dental laboratory.

A tooth is then created in the lab that is designed specifically to fit the space and will match the shape and size rest of the teeth. The dentist, once the implant is done, will then put the new tooth inside the mouth and will make an adjustment that will fit your bite. There is no advanced technology that is necessary ever to restore or replace any dental implants.

You will experience some soreness after the artificial roots are implanted into the jaw. You can relieve yourself of any pain with the use of some minor pain reliever. Next, begin to take thorough good care of your mouth. It is known that anytime after surgery there is always a chance of getting an infection where the surgery was performed.

Instructions should be given to you by the surgeon on the care for the implant during the healing stage. It is recommended not ever to smoke and always keep the mouth as clean and free of germs and bacteria as possible, so you will not get dry socket.

If you have a tooth or any missing teeth from inside your mouth, then you are considered to be a candidate for dental implants. Implants will look and feel like real teeth. They will not hurt the quality of any of your other teeth. The implants will allow you to eat and speak without any difficulties. And the rate for its success have excellent results and is considered the best option for the replacement of teeth.

Preparación Para Tu Fiesta De Graduación

El día más importante durante la adolescencia, es la fiesta de graduación a lo que todos van pero pocos llegan. Acordate que la preparación debe ser con anticipación. Pero antes algunos consejos breves para tener en cuenta.
Una de las cosas que más nos preocupan cuando tenemos una graduación es vernos bien, mejor que nunca. Por eso es muy importante decidir bien en cuál de las Franquicias en México vas a comprar tu atuendo para esa ocasión tan especial
Antes de elegir el atuendo, es necesario basarse en factores como la edad, el tipo de cuerpo, los rasgos físicos, así como variables externas, entre las que se encuentran el clima, la clase de evento y si se llevará a cabo en el día o durante la noche.
Edad: Un vestido tipo cóctel con un largo hasta la rodilla, acompañada con una camisa y una chaqueta de corte recto, son opciones perfectas para la ocasión. Los sastres y conjuntos se deben dejar en el guardarropa.
Clima: para un lugar de clima cálido se pueden usar vestidos más vaporosos media pierna o polleras, complementadas con sandalias formales. En un fresco se puede optar por prendas más cerradas.
Día/noche: para el día, la apuesta va por las telas vaporosas, con más movimiento y menos estructuradas. En la noche la clave está en “romper las reglas y atreverse a inventar”, no solo con los típicos vestidos de cóctel, sino con faldas al estilo de los 50 y camisas de telas livianas.

Tipo de cuerpo: para las más delgadas se pueden elegir prendas ajustadas y si se quieren destacar las piernas, una pollera. Por el contrario, para quienes tienen mucho más volumen en el pecho y la cintura es recomendable usar vestidos recto, para evitar resaltar dicho volumen.
Color de piel: un color predilecto para la diseñadora es definitivamente el azul oscuro, pues va con todos los tonos de piel. El rojo coral también es una alternativa para quienes deseen llamar la atención y destacar sus facciones.

El embarazo y los tratamiento de spa

Asi como cuando vas con tu dentista en Tijuana y lo primero que haces es informarle que estas embarazada, igualmente al ir por un tratamiento a un spa debes informar al terapeuta que está realmente embarazada, y también qué tan avanzado está, le permitirá evitar ciertas áreas y técnicas mientras le puede dar un masaje que sea divertido y lo más importante, seguro.

El terapeuta evitará puntos en las muñecas y los tobillos que pueden causar calambres, y evitarán que te tumbes sobre tu espalda después de los cinco meses, ya que esto podría llevar a una caída en la presión sanguínea y te hará sentir débil.

Teniendo en cuenta lo anterior, es importante resistir el impulso de dedicarse a estas actividades, pero eso no significa que no pueda tener un descanso divertido en el spa.

Si bien son cautelosos y evitan lo anterior, los spas todavía están repletos de tratamientos para que disfrutes mientras esperas. Así que no te desanimes; los momentos divertidos todavía se pueden tener solos o en un día con amigos.

Como se mencionó, los masajes pueden ser difíciles y hay áreas desafiantes para evitar, pero eso no significa que no puedas tener uno.

Un masaje especializado en el embarazo puede ser solo el boleto para ayudar a que su cuerpo y mente se relajen y le den un merecido ‘mi tiempo’. Además de aliviar todos esos dolores y achaques, un masaje también ayudará a hidratar tu piel en expansión durante el embarazo.

Siempre que sea sincero y transparente con su terapeuta, ellos podrán acomodarlo y sugerir técnicas específicas.

Algunos también podrán proporcionarle almohadas y le sugerirán que lo acueste de costado para permitir la máxima comodidad y disfrute y, al mismo tiempo, permanecer a salvo.

Los tratamientos para la piel también están disponibles para usted, aunque su piel podría ser más sensible durante este período de su vida, por lo que deberá tener cuidado y probar un poco las aguas. Todos son diferentes por supuesto; puedes estar absolutamente bien. Una prueba de parche para ver cómo reacciona su piel puede ser un buen camino a seguir, y a partir de ahí, hay varios tratamientos de cera, lociones y pociones disponibles para usted.

Take care of your hair from the hot summer

It is well known that a little sun can give our skin vitamin D and beautiful tan, the however excessive sun can be unfavorable, and the effects of summer on our hair are not few. To begin with, extreme heat, salt, and sun exposure cause the hair to dry out and become brittle, especially at the tips.

On the other hand, moisture can curl our hair, and frequent exposure to chlorine can remove hair oils leaving it dry or rough. When, besides, you carry wicks or dyes, the effect of summer is even more pronounced. Therefore, there are some recommendations we can follow to take care of our hair and more if you are near to an important event and want your hair to look as good as your homecoming dresses.

Until recently I was unaware of the existence of sunscreens for hair, but just as with the skin, we can protect our hair from the effect of the sun’s rays using a smprotector.

We can find them in gel, cream or spray format and they will help us to avoid the effects of the sun on the hair so that it does not become so brittle and stays healthy.

If we add heat to the ambient temperature by using dryers, irons or tongs, we can be promoting the harmful effects of summer. Therefore, it is recommended that at this time of year reduce the use of dryers or irons.

If we can not do without them, we should always use a good thermal protector to help us reduce the damage.

Chemical treatments such as smoothing, dyes or discolorations are very aggressive with our hair all year round, but if we do it in summer, the damage can be even more severe. Therefore, the most advisable thing is that during these months we stay away from the chemicals and let our hair rest as much as possible.

Some common ingredients in our shampoos, such as sulfates, help us clean impurities but also drag natural hair oils that maintain hydration.

Therefore, if we wash our hair very often, it is recommended that we use the shampoo only on the scalp and roots without lathering the rest of the hair. With water, the soap will slip through the hair dragging impurities, but drying it much less.

This trick can be very useful for ordinarily dry hair throughout the year and for all hair types, especially in the summer months.

How To Begin To Be Model

Start working in the world of fashion is increasingly complicated if we take into account that competition is growing every day around the world. the beauty and the perfect body is sometimes more complicated than getting something else, if you want to take the easy way you can go with a doctor and get breast implants in Tijuana Mexico.


Anyone with the intention of being a model to be able to dedicate themselves to it if it fulfills a series of qualities. We want to leave you a series of tips if you are wondering how to start being a model.



Something you can start doing and that will come out cheap, is to look at many fashion magazines.


When you want to dedicate yourself professionally to something it is important that the sector you like or passion, and the world of fashion is no exception. Therefore, take the love of this profession to devour all the magazines or fashion publications you know: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, blogs … This will keep you up to date on the trends at all times and you can also learn how the better models to be able to inspire you.


Follow the social profiles of your favorite models. You can follow them, enjoy all their photos, books and even interact with them.



If you follow all the above tips and agencies look for talent like you, it is very easy to find you. However, we must not let them always take the first step. It is recommended that you make a list with the agencies that are most related to you or with which you would like to start a professional relationship.


You can contact them through their websites or, in a more direct way, interacting with their profile so they can directly access your work and your image.


Why Fashion Conscious Men Should Buy Alpaca Sweaters

When it comes to high-end men’s fashion, alpaca sweaters are a central point to any wardrobe for guys who want to look great all year long. Alpaca sweaters from Peru and Bolivia are luxurious garments that have a number of benefits thus making them so desirable. When it comes to alpaca sweaters for men, this apparel type is highly sought from retailers who cater to those who shop for men’s alpaca sweaters handmade in Peru and Bolivia. If you are considering shopping for alpaca sweaters for men to please that fashion-forward guy in your life, here are some compelling reasons why you are thinking in the right direction.

Alpaca Sweaters for Men can be Worn Year-Round

When we think of sweaters visions of drinking wine at the ski lodge may come to mind. But when you buy men’s alpaca sweaters you get a piece of apparel that can be work in both winter months and on those summer evenings. Because alpaca breathes so well and its fibers allow for moisture-free air circulation, your body won’t overheat. If you are looking for a stunning piece of outerwear suitable for summer evening strolls on the beach or for daily winter wear, alpaca sweaters for men who seek lots of wear are an ideal choice.

Men’s Alpaca Sweaters Come in Multiple Styles and Natural Colors

Not only can men wear alpaca sweaters in the summer and winter months, but this fiber has many styles and colors to choose from. Alpaca sweaters for men come in the pullover style for a casual, yet classy look. Alpaca sweaters also come in a zip-up cardigan style for a more sophisticated style suitable for semi-formal occasions. For a more classic look men’s Scandinavian alpaca sweaters are ideal for any occasion. Alpaca sweaters for men also come in a variety of patterns from herringbone to V-neck pullovers. As for natural colors, alpaca sweaters for men come in a variety of reds, oranges, creams, grays, browns and blacks. The Peruvians also use natural dyes to create blue and green alpaca sweaters for men who enjoy a pop of color.

Alpaca Sweaters are Loved by Men Who Value the Environment

Guys with a soft spot for environmentally friendly apparel love alpaca sweaters because they are the earth’s best friend. First, alpaca sweaters combat fash fashion–the cheap throw-away attire that is overproduced and leaving large carbon footprints. Alpaca sweaters are also ideal for guys who cherish Mother Earth because of how they are farmed. Alpacas are free to roam the hills of Peru and Bolivia, living in their intended natural environment. Their soft hooves are gentle on the ground, and they are hand-shorn thus removing any harsh factory machinery that might pollute the environment or harm the alpaca. Finally, alpaca supports sustainability because it is harvested by generations of families that go back hundreds of years, and some alpaca farms in Peru are as old as 1000 years.

Men’s Alpaca Sweaters Last a Lifetime

If properly cared for, men’s alpaca sweaters will last a lifetime. Be sure to properly store them, hand-wash them as directed, and take joy knowing that alpaca sweaters will never pill or degrade, as they are high quality and can last for many decades while remaining in style.