¿Qué Hace a Una Cara Bonita?

Todos sabemos que no debemos juzgar a las personas por su apariencia. La belleza es solo superficial, como dice el dicho. Además, la apariencia de alguien no nos dice nada sobre lo amables que son. O cuan confiables. O cualquier otra cosa sobre su personalidad.

Pero es difícil ignorar la apariencia de una persona. Algo sobre las personas atractivas nos hace querer mirarlas. No podemos dejar de mirar a un actor, actriz o modelo atractivo. Como tal, la belleza tiene poder sobre nosotros. Pero ¿qué es la belleza?

No hay una respuesta simple. Sin embargo, los investigadores han comenzado a probar cómo la belleza afecta el comportamiento de los humanos y otros animales. A través de este trabajo, especialmente, han descubierto algunas de las características que hacen que un individuo sea atractivo para otros.

Los científicos también están aprendiendo que puede haber un lado práctico de nuestra obsesión con la belleza. Una cara bonita puede pertenecer a una persona más sana. O simplemente puede ser más fácil para nuestro cerebro procesar.

Todo sobre promedios
Al mirar un conjunto de fotos, es fácil decir qué caras nos parecen atractivas. Diferentes personas usualmente estarán de acuerdo en cuáles caras son. Pero pocos pueden decir precisamente por qué esas caras parecen tan hermosas.

Cara atractiva
Las caras atractivas, como esta, tienden a ser simétricas. También tienden a tener medidas similares a la media de la población. Una buena proporción en las áreas principales de la cara es uno de los factores más grandes de belleza, por ejemplo, una nariz desproporcionada puede arruinar todo un rostro bonito, si crees que es la mejor opción para ti puedes optar por una cirugía de nariz en Tijuana con Molding Clinic.

Sin embargo, los investigadores han comenzado a dar algunas respuestas. Como la simetría. Las caras que consideramos atractivas tienden a ser simétricas, encuentran. Las caras atractivas también son medias.

En una cara simétrica, los lados izquierdo y derecho se parecen entre sí. No son imágenes de espejo perfectas. Pero nuestros ojos leen caras con proporciones similares en ambos lados como simétricas.

Las caras de las personas generalmente solo difieren sutilmente en simetría. La cara de todos es ligeramente asimétrica, pero de diferentes maneras. Al final, muchas de estas caras parecen simétricas. Entonces la simetría nos parece normal. Y luego nos gusta.

Esta media, se refiere a qué tan similar se ve una cara a la mayoría de las otras caras en una población. Promedio,promedio de caras es un promedio matemático (o promedio) de las características de la mayoría de las personas. Y, en general, las personas encuentran esas caras bastante atractivas.

Por ejemplo, la distancia entre los centros de los ojos de una mujer afecta si se la considera hermosa. La gente la encuentra más atractiva cuando esa distancia es un poco menos de la mitad del ancho de la cara. Es Igual de importante, descubrieron, es la distancia entre los ojos y la boca de una mujer. Debería ser un poco más de un tercio de la altura de su cara. Ambas distancias coinciden con el promedio de la población, o están cerca de él.

Prevent Wrinkles

You should not be embarrassed by lines of expression and wrinkles, but if for some reason or other you want to get rid of them, you should know that you are not alone. Nowadays there are thousands of products that promise you wonderful results to avoid the signs of aging, but why not do something on your own that does not ruin your skin? perhaps the lines of expression is not the only thing that bothers you of aging and maybe you are also falling some teeth, in that case you have to go with your dentist and ask for dental implants in Tijuana Mexico with ProDent.

Sleep on your back

When you sleep in the lake, your neck and skin wrinkle horribly. And doing it every day not only makes the problem worse, it also causes long-term damage. I know it is not easy to change a habit so drastically, but little by little you will not feel the change.

Use sunblock when handling

If we talk about wrinkles, your worst enemy is the sun. But did you know that it is important to protect yourself with sunscreen even in the car? Car windows can block UV rays, but UVA rays can sneak out and cause some damage.

Use pillow case

The silk texture will reduce the stretch of the skin. It also helps keep it moist at night. It is also great for your hair, because it avoids frizz and is mistreated over the years.

Consider a facial

After sunscreen, the best thing you can do for your skin is apply a mask from time to time. First of all, exfoliate to remove dead cells, then moisturize. Remember, skin care must be carried out every day.

Pay attention to your facial expressions

No, this does not mean you should smile every day. Doing any facial expression consistently results in wrinkles and fine lines. And although I do not recommend not making any gesture at all, you should pay attention to how many ‘fuchi faces’ you make during the day.

Get down to sugar

Reducing the amount of sugar prevents fine lines. According to experts, sugar molecules adhere to skin proteins, causing a loss of elasticity. If you want a good weight and skin, you will have to avoid sweets and chocolate … at least in large quantities.

Empathy and its relationship with genetics

When a person is beginning to smile with his dental implants with Mexico Dental Network, you may think he is a very empathic person, but this quality involves more than smiling and showing you kindness, it is trying to understand the feelings of another person and put yourself in their place.

A recent genetic study carried out on empathy reveals that our understanding is partly genetic and confirms that women, on average, are more empathetic than men.

Empathy, essential for the relationship between human beings, does not come only from education and experience, but is linked to genetics, says a study, which also states that women are more empathetic than men.

The most extensive genetic study carried out on empathy reveals that our understanding is partly genetic and confirms that women, on average, are more empathetic than men, according to a statement from the National Center for Scientific Research in France.

This different level of empathy between the sexes is not related to genetics. According to the study, it is due to factors such as socialization or other non-genetic biological factors, such as prenatal hormonal influences. The researchers also noted that genetic variations associated with reduced empathy are also associated with an increased risk of autism, the statement said.

The data collected from more than 46,000 clients of the company 23andMe, who completed an online questionnaire and provided a saliva sample, served as the basis for the preparation of the study.

That is why the severe faces that dominate catwalks and campaigns are giving way, little by little, to more friendly gestures and even laughter.

Fashion is not something so serious. It is an industry, for some people it is a job; but still, it is destined to bring beauty and fun to the world. A message that, following the wake of the cosmetics firms that have always shown a kinder face, are increasingly following more fashion brands and prescribers.

The paradigm shift is taking place step by step and at the expense of drops. The primary campaigns of the firms are still resistant to embrace joy in all its manifestations. In the photos of their online stores, however, the sad faces that some years ago raised dust are interspersed with good rollers more typical of those who want their customers to be happy and happy.

How To Go On Vacation And Be Safe At The Same Time

Security Council for Travel # 1 – Separate your money
I have a specialized article on how to save money when I travel, and this is a travel safety tip that you should not forget: never put all your eggs in one basket.
If any eventuality happens, like a robbery, you can be sure that you have not lost anything and you can still continue traveling.
When I was living in Madrid my wallet was stolen and even though I had the full month’s rent, the most annoying thing was having to replace the cards or find a way to withdraw money, so if you follow my advice on how to save money you will not have problems. Invest your important vacation time abroad when you go with your dentist to get dental implants Tijuana.

Travel Safety Tip # 2 – Close your bag or backpack all the time.
When you are in a foreign country, everything around you is new and surprising and more than once you will want to take the camera out of your bag or backpack as fast as you can to take a picture but it is likely that at that moment you will forget to close the bag again.

Most of the lost things of the travelers is because they do not have the due care of closing their bags again and it does not mean that they have been stolen, simply walking is more than enough for any of your things to jump on the street without you noticing.

Create the habit of constantly checking that your bag and backpack are closed and you will see that you will not lose anything again. This behavior I have seen especially in Europe, so as a safety tip to travel to Europe: Close your backpack.

Security Council for Travel # 3 – Do not put your wallet back
Close the bag is important, but what about men? The recommendation is simple, load the wallet in the front pockets of the pants so you will know where you have it at all times.

Try to generate this habit since you are at home so it will be easier when you are traveling, with time you will realize that it is not only safer but also more practical.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

For anyone who has any missing teeth due to disease, injuries or any other reason, implants are your solution. As long as your present oral health is considered to be good. And if your gums are free of any periodontal disease, then you are a good candidate for this procedure. The results are quite good, and you will look and feel so much better with dental implants.

A dental implant, which is an artificial tooth root that holds a replacement tooth or bridge to your jaw. The Tijuana dental implants are a good idea to have if your general oral health is good. They have a natural feel and look so real no one will be able to tell that you are missing any teeth at all. This will bring back some lost confidence, and you will also be able to smile again.

Dental implants are done when you, the patient, visits a trained oral surgeon dentist. A screw is surgically implanted right to the bone of the jaw where the tooth will be held. Once the implantation is done and healed the oral surgeon or dentist will then begin to proceed by placing the implant restoration. Afterward, an impression of the restoration will be created and then sent to the dental laboratory.

A tooth is then created in the lab that is designed specifically to fit the space and will match the shape and size rest of the teeth. The dentist, once the implant is done, will then put the new tooth inside the mouth and will make an adjustment that will fit your bite. There is no advanced technology that is necessary ever to restore or replace any dental implants.

You will experience some soreness after the artificial roots are implanted into the jaw. You can relieve yourself of any pain with the use of some minor pain reliever. Next, begin to take thorough good care of your mouth. It is known that anytime after surgery there is always a chance of getting an infection where the surgery was performed.

Instructions should be given to you by the surgeon on the care for the implant during the healing stage. It is recommended not ever to smoke and always keep the mouth as clean and free of germs and bacteria as possible, so you will not get dry socket.

If you have a tooth or any missing teeth from inside your mouth, then you are considered to be a candidate for dental implants. Implants will look and feel like real teeth. They will not hurt the quality of any of your other teeth. The implants will allow you to eat and speak without any difficulties. And the rate for its success have excellent results and is considered the best option for the replacement of teeth.

Preparación Para Tu Fiesta De Graduación

El día más importante durante la adolescencia, es la fiesta de graduación a lo que todos van pero pocos llegan. Acordate que la preparación debe ser con anticipación. Pero antes algunos consejos breves para tener en cuenta.
Una de las cosas que más nos preocupan cuando tenemos una graduación es vernos bien, mejor que nunca. Por eso es muy importante decidir bien en cuál de las Franquicias en México vas a comprar tu atuendo para esa ocasión tan especial
Antes de elegir el atuendo, es necesario basarse en factores como la edad, el tipo de cuerpo, los rasgos físicos, así como variables externas, entre las que se encuentran el clima, la clase de evento y si se llevará a cabo en el día o durante la noche.
Edad: Un vestido tipo cóctel con un largo hasta la rodilla, acompañada con una camisa y una chaqueta de corte recto, son opciones perfectas para la ocasión. Los sastres y conjuntos se deben dejar en el guardarropa.
Clima: para un lugar de clima cálido se pueden usar vestidos más vaporosos media pierna o polleras, complementadas con sandalias formales. En un fresco se puede optar por prendas más cerradas.
Día/noche: para el día, la apuesta va por las telas vaporosas, con más movimiento y menos estructuradas. En la noche la clave está en “romper las reglas y atreverse a inventar”, no solo con los típicos vestidos de cóctel, sino con faldas al estilo de los 50 y camisas de telas livianas.

Tipo de cuerpo: para las más delgadas se pueden elegir prendas ajustadas y si se quieren destacar las piernas, una pollera. Por el contrario, para quienes tienen mucho más volumen en el pecho y la cintura es recomendable usar vestidos recto, para evitar resaltar dicho volumen.
Color de piel: un color predilecto para la diseñadora es definitivamente el azul oscuro, pues va con todos los tonos de piel. El rojo coral también es una alternativa para quienes deseen llamar la atención y destacar sus facciones.

El embarazo y los tratamiento de spa

Asi como cuando vas con tu dentista en Tijuana y lo primero que haces es informarle que estas embarazada, igualmente al ir por un tratamiento a un spa debes informar al terapeuta que está realmente embarazada, y también qué tan avanzado está, le permitirá evitar ciertas áreas y técnicas mientras le puede dar un masaje que sea divertido y lo más importante, seguro.

El terapeuta evitará puntos en las muñecas y los tobillos que pueden causar calambres, y evitarán que te tumbes sobre tu espalda después de los cinco meses, ya que esto podría llevar a una caída en la presión sanguínea y te hará sentir débil.

Teniendo en cuenta lo anterior, es importante resistir el impulso de dedicarse a estas actividades, pero eso no significa que no pueda tener un descanso divertido en el spa.

Si bien son cautelosos y evitan lo anterior, los spas todavía están repletos de tratamientos para que disfrutes mientras esperas. Así que no te desanimes; los momentos divertidos todavía se pueden tener solos o en un día con amigos.

Como se mencionó, los masajes pueden ser difíciles y hay áreas desafiantes para evitar, pero eso no significa que no puedas tener uno.

Un masaje especializado en el embarazo puede ser solo el boleto para ayudar a que su cuerpo y mente se relajen y le den un merecido ‘mi tiempo’. Además de aliviar todos esos dolores y achaques, un masaje también ayudará a hidratar tu piel en expansión durante el embarazo.

Siempre que sea sincero y transparente con su terapeuta, ellos podrán acomodarlo y sugerir técnicas específicas.

Algunos también podrán proporcionarle almohadas y le sugerirán que lo acueste de costado para permitir la máxima comodidad y disfrute y, al mismo tiempo, permanecer a salvo.

Los tratamientos para la piel también están disponibles para usted, aunque su piel podría ser más sensible durante este período de su vida, por lo que deberá tener cuidado y probar un poco las aguas. Todos son diferentes por supuesto; puedes estar absolutamente bien. Una prueba de parche para ver cómo reacciona su piel puede ser un buen camino a seguir, y a partir de ahí, hay varios tratamientos de cera, lociones y pociones disponibles para usted.

Take care of your hair from the hot summer

It is well known that a little sun can give our skin vitamin D and beautiful tan, the however excessive sun can be unfavorable, and the effects of summer on our hair are not few. To begin with, extreme heat, salt, and sun exposure cause the hair to dry out and become brittle, especially at the tips.

On the other hand, moisture can curl our hair, and frequent exposure to chlorine can remove hair oils leaving it dry or rough. When, besides, you carry wicks or dyes, the effect of summer is even more pronounced. Therefore, there are some recommendations we can follow to take care of our hair and more if you are near to an important event and want your hair to look as good as your homecoming dresses.

Until recently I was unaware of the existence of sunscreens for hair, but just as with the skin, we can protect our hair from the effect of the sun’s rays using a smprotector.

We can find them in gel, cream or spray format and they will help us to avoid the effects of the sun on the hair so that it does not become so brittle and stays healthy.

If we add heat to the ambient temperature by using dryers, irons or tongs, we can be promoting the harmful effects of summer. Therefore, it is recommended that at this time of year reduce the use of dryers or irons.

If we can not do without them, we should always use a good thermal protector to help us reduce the damage.

Chemical treatments such as smoothing, dyes or discolorations are very aggressive with our hair all year round, but if we do it in summer, the damage can be even more severe. Therefore, the most advisable thing is that during these months we stay away from the chemicals and let our hair rest as much as possible.

Some common ingredients in our shampoos, such as sulfates, help us clean impurities but also drag natural hair oils that maintain hydration.

Therefore, if we wash our hair very often, it is recommended that we use the shampoo only on the scalp and roots without lathering the rest of the hair. With water, the soap will slip through the hair dragging impurities, but drying it much less.

This trick can be very useful for ordinarily dry hair throughout the year and for all hair types, especially in the summer months.

How To Begin To Be Model

Start working in the world of fashion is increasingly complicated if we take into account that competition is growing every day around the world. the beauty and the perfect body is sometimes more complicated than getting something else, if you want to take the easy way you can go with a doctor and get breast implants in Tijuana Mexico.


Anyone with the intention of being a model to be able to dedicate themselves to it if it fulfills a series of qualities. We want to leave you a series of tips if you are wondering how to start being a model.



Something you can start doing and that will come out cheap, is to look at many fashion magazines.


When you want to dedicate yourself professionally to something it is important that the sector you like or passion, and the world of fashion is no exception. Therefore, take the love of this profession to devour all the magazines or fashion publications you know: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, blogs … This will keep you up to date on the trends at all times and you can also learn how the better models to be able to inspire you.


Follow the social profiles of your favorite models. You can follow them, enjoy all their photos, books and even interact with them.



If you follow all the above tips and agencies look for talent like you, it is very easy to find you. However, we must not let them always take the first step. It is recommended that you make a list with the agencies that are most related to you or with which you would like to start a professional relationship.


You can contact them through their websites or, in a more direct way, interacting with their profile so they can directly access your work and your image.


Why Fashion Conscious Men Should Buy Alpaca Sweaters

When it comes to high-end men’s fashion, alpaca sweaters are a central point to any wardrobe for guys who want to look great all year long. Alpaca sweaters from Peru and Bolivia are luxurious garments that have a number of benefits thus making them so desirable. When it comes to alpaca sweaters for men, this apparel type is highly sought from retailers who cater to those who shop for men’s alpaca sweaters handmade in Peru and Bolivia. If you are considering shopping for alpaca sweaters for men to please that fashion-forward guy in your life, here are some compelling reasons why you are thinking in the right direction.

Alpaca Sweaters for Men can be Worn Year-Round

When we think of sweaters visions of drinking wine at the ski lodge may come to mind. But when you buy men’s alpaca sweaters you get a piece of apparel that can be work in both winter months and on those summer evenings. Because alpaca breathes so well and its fibers allow for moisture-free air circulation, your body won’t overheat. If you are looking for a stunning piece of outerwear suitable for summer evening strolls on the beach or for daily winter wear, alpaca sweaters for men who seek lots of wear are an ideal choice.

Men’s Alpaca Sweaters Come in Multiple Styles and Natural Colors

Not only can men wear alpaca sweaters in the summer and winter months, but this fiber has many styles and colors to choose from. Alpaca sweaters for men come in the pullover style for a casual, yet classy look. Alpaca sweaters also come in a zip-up cardigan style for a more sophisticated style suitable for semi-formal occasions. For a more classic look men’s Scandinavian alpaca sweaters are ideal for any occasion. Alpaca sweaters for men also come in a variety of patterns from herringbone to V-neck pullovers. As for natural colors, alpaca sweaters for men come in a variety of reds, oranges, creams, grays, browns and blacks. The Peruvians also use natural dyes to create blue and green alpaca sweaters for men who enjoy a pop of color.

Alpaca Sweaters are Loved by Men Who Value the Environment

Guys with a soft spot for environmentally friendly apparel love alpaca sweaters because they are the earth’s best friend. First, alpaca sweaters combat fash fashion–the cheap throw-away attire that is overproduced and leaving large carbon footprints. Alpaca sweaters are also ideal for guys who cherish Mother Earth because of how they are farmed. Alpacas are free to roam the hills of Peru and Bolivia, living in their intended natural environment. Their soft hooves are gentle on the ground, and they are hand-shorn thus removing any harsh factory machinery that might pollute the environment or harm the alpaca. Finally, alpaca supports sustainability because it is harvested by generations of families that go back hundreds of years, and some alpaca farms in Peru are as old as 1000 years.

Men’s Alpaca Sweaters Last a Lifetime

If properly cared for, men’s alpaca sweaters will last a lifetime. Be sure to properly store them, hand-wash them as directed, and take joy knowing that alpaca sweaters will never pill or degrade, as they are high quality and can last for many decades while remaining in style.